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Music in Australia

Music in Australia is very famous and brilliant in the world. The music of this country is created from musical communities and includes many different genres. Many musicians, singers, and musicians have emerged from the heart of this land and have become world-famous. In the following, we will explain further about the history of music in this country.

History of Australian Music

Indigenous Australian music is part of the country's 40,000 to 60,000-year-old heritage. Australian music is a combination of indigenous and Western styles that have greatly influenced world music. Throughout history, Australia has been a collection of British colonies, and Australian folk music and its compositions have been heavily influenced by the Anglo-Celtic traditions of the period, while its classical forms have been derived from Europe. Australian contemporary music includes various sections and trends inspired by the United States and Britain music, especially in the genres of Australian rock music and Australian country music. Multicultural migration after World War II was a dramatic change in the country's music.

Music genres in Australia

The genre of music in Australia is very diverse and includes pub rock, rock, folk, bush, country, pop, classical, and... In 2015, the most popular music genres in Australia in terms of sales were rock and pop genres. In total, these genres accounted for 76.13% of total sales. In the next rankings, classical and opera accounted for 4.7 percent, while traditional music and the country accounted for less than one percent of total sales.

Australian musical instruments

Indigenous Australians have invented three musical instruments and made them famous all over the world: the didgeridoo, the bullfighter, and the gum leaf. The most famous of these is the didgeridoo tube, a wind instrument consisting of a simple wooden tube that has horn-like edges and derives its acoustic flexibility from the controllable echoes of the player's acoustic instrument.

The most famous Australian musicians

Many famous musicians have been active in this country. The most famous of them are AC, Inx, Sia(singer), BJ, Keith Arben, Rick Springfield, Iggy Azalea, Vance Joy...


Australian music has a long history and is made up of different musical communities. Australian folk music is part of the country's unique 40,000- to 60,000-year history. Australian music is a fusion of indigenous and Western styles over the years. The first musical works in this country date back to the time when Australia was one of the British colonies and as a result, it was strongly influenced by this country. Australian contemporary music operates in a wide range of trends that are often associated with music from the United States, the United Kingdom, and similar countries - especially in the Australian rock and country music genres. The presence of immigrants and the multiculturalism of Australia after World War II have led to an increase in the diversity of Australian music. Like any other country, Australia has its own musical instruments that are popular all over the world. Among the most important of these instruments are the following: Didgeridoo is a type of musical instrument that falls into the category of aerophones according to Western musicological classification. It is one of the oldest human instruments to date and consists of a long tube without a finger hole. - clapstick is a type of musical instrument that is classified as a percussion instrument based on the classification of Western musicology.
- Gum leaf is used as a free-hand reed instrument. This instrument was originally used to call birds.
- bullroarer (or bull roar) is a tool used in ceremonies. It consists of several ropes attached to a piece of flat wood.
- Percussion making similar to a gourd or toothed stick
Famous Australian singers include CIA, Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie Mango, Tina Arena, Iggy Azalea, Keith Arben, Olivia Newton-John, Cody Simpson, Rick Springfield, and Nick Q.