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سهیلا داوودی  -  1401/03/04  -  Amir Mashhadchi Student

دوره مبتدی بنده تموم شده و فکر کردم شاید بهتر باشه تجربه م از کلاس رو برای بقیه هم توضیح بدهم. اولاً زمان کلاس خیلی مفیده و سرعت آموزش هم واقعاً عالیه توی همین دوره من کاملاً به گیتار مسلط شدم و میخواهم تو دوره های بعدی مهارتهام رو تقویت کنم. هزینه کلاس هم به صرفه ست.کتاب هایی که روش کار می کنیم هم همون کتابهای حضوریه. من از مبتدی با استاد مشهد چی آنلاین کار کردم اما اگر قبلا دوره حضوری گذروندین هم باز هم می تونین برای دوره های بعدی آنلاین شرکت کنین. پیشنهاد میکنم همینکار رو کنین چون واقعا هم توی وقت هم هزینه صرفه جویی میشه.

سیما شریعتی  -  1401/01/22  -  Amir Mashhadchi Student

من واقعاً اول از شرکت توی کلاسهای انلاین خیلی مطمئن نبودم. ولی تعریف استاده مشهدچی رو از یکی از هنرجوهاشون شنیدم و تصمیم گرفتم توی کلاسشون شرکت کنم. واقعاً عالی بود. هیچ تفاوتی با یه کلاس حضوری نداشت. استاد هم واقعاً توی آموزشون حرفه ای و صبور بودند.

الناز اسدی  -  1400/07/28  -  Reza Alimohammadi Student

بسیار ممنون از استاد علی محمدی بابت تدریس عالیشون

عسل  -  1400/07/28  -  Reza Alimohammadi Student

کلاس های به صورت تکی برگزار میشه؟

علی ایمانی  -  1400/05/24  -  Amir Mashhadchi Student

من واقعا از اقای مشهدچی راضی هستم هم حرفه ای هستند و هم صبور

سحر  -  1400/02/17  -  Amir Mashhadchi Student

بسیار بسیار عالی استاد مشهدچی توضیح میدن، کوچکترین نکات رو یاداور میشن و با صبر و حوصله نکات رو آموزش میدن. من واقعا راضی هستم از آموزشها

Teaching guitar in different styles in the best online class


Guitar training, one of the most popular instruments in the world

The guitar instrument is one of those very popular instruments all over the world. Not only it has a very pleasant sound but its learning is much easier than many other instruments. In addition, you can play a wide range of songs with it and learn in different styles. This instrument is especially suitable for youth and teenagers and a very ideal option to enter the world of music. In the following, we will explain more about this instrument, its features, and its different styles.

Guitar features

The guitar is a stringed instrument that is played with fingers. Like other stringed instruments, the guitar consists of three main parts too: strings, resonant bowl, and handle. The number of strings in this instrument is generally six. There are different types of guitars that are used in different styles and their tutorials are different. Guitars are generally divided into two main categories: acoustic guitars and electric guitars. Acoustic guitars are divided into two categories: nylon string and metal string. Classical guitars and flamenco guitars belong to the category of nylon strings and gypsy, acoustic and electroacoustic guitars belong to the category of metal strings. Electric guitars are divided into two categories too: semi-electric and solid body, which in turn are divided into smaller categories. As you can see, guitars belong to a large family, and you may be wondering what the difference is between them. Acoustic guitars are those whose sound is amplified only by the hollowness of the body and there is no other amplifying factor in them. These guitars have 6 strings that are arranged from thin to thick. Electric guitars, however, have a solid body and do not have sound themselves, and to produce sound, they must be connected to an amplifier or effectors. Strings in an electric guitar are metal and can have different numbers. These guitars are mostly used in jazz and heavy metal styles.

Guitar training professionally

If you are interested in any of these groups, you should look for a suitable guitar class. As you can guess, teaching classical guitar is very different from teaching electric one, and for each, you have to take different classes. In music schools in Iran, most guitar lessons are related to acoustic guitars. However, there are various types of electric guitar lessons. There are two options for taking guitar lessons: face-to-face classes and online classes. These classes have many similarities and differences. In the first place, the tutorials and textbooks are the same in both classes, and you can take beginner to advanced guitar lessons in both and become a very professional guitarist. But the conditions for attending classes are different. In face-to-face classes, you have to go to the class and spend time and money on it. While in online classes you can learn from home and interact with your teacher. No need to relocate gives you the chance to receive your training at any time. In addition, with the help of online classes, you are no longer limited to where you live to choose a class, especially for people who live in small towns and do not have proper music schools in their city or people who cannot find the right school or teacher.

Guitar training in Inavaz

Our online guitar class in Inavaz is one of the best online training classes for this instrument in the country, which you can participate in under the supervision of the best teachers at a very reasonable price. The variety of guitar teaching styles in our school is very large and includes pop guitar teaching, flamenco guitar teaching, classical guitar, electric guitar, etc. at all levels from beginner to advanced. In addition, these classes are held in two groups of children and adults. Inavaz guitar classes are held privately and live, and you can interact with your teacher and he or she will supervise your playing. Also, at the end of each session, a recorded video of the class will be provided to you, which you can practice until the next session. You also have the chance to choose the teacher you want on the site and find out the tariffs for their classes. In addition, a free counseling session is held in the first session where you can get acquainted with the teacher's teaching style.

Buying the right guitar

To attend a guitar class, you must first choose the style which you like. Choosing a style has a big impact on the type of instrument you want to buy. Each guitar has its own price range and brand. In the first session of the Inavaz training class, according to the chosen style, you will be given the necessary advice on buying the right guitar.

The Persian guitar

The guitar is a stringed instrument and its class is one of the most popular music classes in the world. This instrument is very old and as western music changed, it had changed too. The guitar is one of the most popular instruments for use and is taught in a variety of styles. The fans of this instrument are mostly young people.

Persian guitar Lesson

Guitar classes have long been considered by people. To have the best guitar training, you must be careful in choosing the teacher. A good guitar teacher is one who, in addition to his academic knowledge of music, has a high level of experience in playing and teaching. In Inavaz, guitar lessons are held in different styles. If you are interested in playing the guitar, do not waste your time, and be sure to register for our classes.

Online guitar Lesson

Online classes are especially popular around the world these days. In Inavaz, persian guitar training is held step by step, online and privately so that both beginner and professional students can use it. Online guitar training has many advantages. You can attend our beginner to advanced classes continuously and enjoy the training of our best teachers. The styles of teaching we have in Inavaz are classical guitar, pop guitar, and flamenco guitar. By participating in our guitar class, you can choose your own time.

Online guitar class prices

The cost of online persian guitar classes is determined by the Ministry of Guidance in different cities. However online guitar class tuition is lower than face-to-face ones, and you can save money and time.

Buying guitar

There are many things to consider when choosing the right guitar. If you don't have enough information about this process, you can use our free consultation session, so that our teacher can guide you. When buying a guitar, the general things you should pay attention to are the material of the wood and the quality of the strings.