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Since the 18th century, Berlin has been an influential music center in Germany and Europe. First as an important commercial city in the Union of the Hanseatic League, then as the electoral capital of Brandenburg and the Kingdom of Prussia, then as one of the largest cities in Germany, it developed an influential musical culture that persists to this day. Berlin can be seen as a platform for the growth of a powerful choir movement that played an important role in the widespread socialization of music in Germany during the nineteenth century. Berlin has three main opera houses: The Deutsche Welle, the Berlin State Opera, and the Komichi Opera. Many important music figures were born or worked in Berlin. Composers such as Johann Joachim Quantz, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, The Gran Brothers, Wilhelm Friedmann Bach, Karl Friedrich Christian Fash, Johann Friedrich Reichart, Karl Friedrich Zelter, etc. all belong to this city. In addition, Berlin is known as the center of music theory and criticism in the eighteenth century with prominent figures such as Friedrich Wilhelm Marporg, Johann Philipp Kronberger, Quantz, and CPA Bach, whose treatises are known throughout Europe.