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Mohammad Hassanzadeh

Mohammad Hassanzadeh - Hangderam

Tuition : 400,000 toman
Amirebrahim Asadi

Amirebrahim Asadi - Hangderam

Tuition : 400,000 toman
Milad Jafarnezhad

Milad Jafarnezhad - Hangderam

Tuition : 500,000 toman
Reza Siahbalaii

Reza Siahbalaii - Hangderam

Tuition : call for price

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Hang Drum

This instrument is one of the percussion and melodic instruments which has its sound category. The instrument was first made in 2000 by a German man and woman living in Switzerland. The Hang drum or Handpan is made of a type of steel alloy and has an extraterrestrial sound.

Hang drum Training

This instrument is made of two parts, the upper and lower arches, which are completely separate from each other and made from metal. The main note of the Hang drum produces the lowest note and has a base sound. Each note on the Hang drum has a specific space called Tone Field. Today, due to the soothing sound of this instrument, it has gained a lot of fans around the world and you can attend its beginner to advanced classes. Due to the ease of learning, you can learn this instrument in a short time, but during training, you must practice continuously.

Hang drum online Lesson

The online training of the Hang drum has high quality due to the type of its sound produced. You can have a video of the class after it, and if you have any problems, you can check the video. You can have a free counseling session to get acquainted with the teacher and his/her teaching method and if you are satisfied, enroll in the class.

Price of Hang Drum class

The price of Hang Drum's online class is less than its face-to-face class. attending online classes save on costs, including commuting expenses.

Hang drum price

The Hang drum is one of the most expensive instruments. The process of making this instrument and the alloy material used in it, causes its price to increase, the price of this instrument starts from about 10 million Tomans. If you are looking for a cheaper one, you can use the smaller version, whose name is Tong Drum and is from the same family but has a quieter sound.

Buy Hang drum

Over time, 5 generations of Hang drums have been made, and the first ones have different tunes of different modes and steps, and the later ones have lower sounds. You can get more information about buying a Hang drum instrument in a free consultation with your teacher.

hang drum

One of the instruments that have recently become popular all over the world is the hang drum. The sound of this instrument is very exceptional, dreamy, and strange which is very pleasant for every listener. Apart from the special sound, the appearance is also very unique and special. If you are also interested in this instrument, stay tuned.

Structure of hang drum

This hang drum is one of the percussion instruments that dates back to 2000 and Switzerland, so it is a new instrument. The instrument is similar to a flying saucer and is made of two metal plates (steel). The Ding side or upper arch is the part where the notes are located. The lower arch or Gu side is placed on the foot and there is a large hole in it. Hang drum produces the lowest octave or the lowest sound. Each note has a special space on the upper arch of the instrument. The tuning process in this instrument is very complicated. This instrument basically has 8 to 10 notes, but 20-note types are also made. As the instrument is new, its musicians are still growing and learning. However, the names of some are more famous than others. Some of the most important hang drummers in the world are Quartet Porch, David Swarap, Mano Delago, Dante Buchi, Massimo, and ...

Hang drum Training

If you are interested in Hang drum and want to learn it, you can do it in two ways: face-to-face classes and online classes. Probably the first option that comes to mind is attending face-to-face classes. To do this, you need to find a good training school with experienced teachers. It is difficult to find an experienced master in the case of a Hang drum, and if you live in a small town, there is a good chance that you will not be able to find a suitable option. In addition to a good teacher, distance from school is also important because it affects the distance you travel each time and the amount of time you spend doing so. Class time should not interfere with your working hours or studies. It is because of these problems that it has become very difficult to attend face-to-face classes. The good news is that you have another option, and that is to take online classes.

Online training of the Hang drum in Inavaz

We in Inavaz Group have one of the most complete collections of instrument classes online and remotely. If you are interested in the Hang drum, the best teachers in our group have gathered together so that you can get all the training you need. Our classes are quite similar to face-to-face classes in terms of class policy, except that you will receive instruction from home or anywhere you want. And because you do not need to move, it saves you time and money. You can also attend these classes from any city. Inavaz classes are all held privately and live on our special platform, and you can interact and talk with the instructor during the class and ask your questions. So in this respect, it is quite different from the distance classes held by CDs or recorded files. Your hand is also open in choosing a teacher and it is done completely according to your taste. The cost of attending our classes is also much lower than attending classes. The duration of the class and the books used in our training are similar to the face-to-face classes. After choosing a teacher, a free consultation session will be held for you, in which you will get acquainted with how your teacher teaches and you can decide to continue the class.

Buying the right instrument

The Hang drum is a relatively expensive instrument, so you have to be careful when buying it. To buy the right instrument, you need complete information about the brand and material of it, which will be provided to you in the first session of our classes. The most important brands of Hang drums in Iran are Kita Drama, Arsha Pentam, Unapen, Homa, Iran Drama Regiment, and ...

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