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آفاق رویانیان  -  1401/03/07  -  Yasaman Naderi Student

من خیلی کلاس ویولن عوض کردم. واقعاً اموزش ها به دلم نمی نشست و نمی تونستم با استادام ارتباط برقرار کنم. یکی از خوبی هایی کلاس خانم نادری این بود که آموزششون خیلی با حوصله و دلسوزانه ست. ساعت کلاس هم بسیار مفید می گذره. واقهاً واسه هنرجو مایه می ذارن

 -  1401/01/28  -  Mohammadali Fiouji Student

کلاس حضوری هم دارید استاد؟

 -  1401/01/28  -  Mohammadali Fiouji Student

کلاس حضوری هم دارید

 -  1401/01/28  -  Mohammadali Fiouji Student

استاد آیا کلاس حضوری در سنندج هم دارید؟

....  -  1401/01/28  -  Mohammadali Fiouji Student

سلام وقتتون بخیر استاد فیوجی آیا کلاس حضوری هم دارید در شهر سنندج؟

آرش  -  1401/01/22  -  Babak Shahraki Student

با سلام. چطور میتونیم تو کلاسهای استاد شهرکی شرکت کنیم

صارمی  -  1401/01/21  -  Yasaman Naderi Student

من تا الان پنج جلسه پیش استاد نادری کلاس اومدم. به وقع حاضر میشن. زمان رو هدر نمی دن. خیلی با حوصله توضیح میدن. من قبلا دوره های حضوری ویولن هم رفتم. این دوره هیچ تفاوتی با دوره های حضوری نداشت. راضی بودم و حتماً به آموزش ادامه میدم

کسرا  -  1400/11/23  -  Babak Shahraki Student

با سلام قیمت کلاس های حضور و انلاین ادرس موسسه برای حضوری ممنون

 -  1400/11/09  -  Mazyar Zayani Student

استاد عزیز آقای زیانی باعث افتخار ی خوشحالم از اینکه در عرصه موسیقی فعال هستی

فاطمه  -  1400/08/30  -  Babak Shahraki Student

سلام من به ویولن خیلی علاقه دارمودوست دارم یادبگیرم

زهرا  -  1400/04/06  -  Alireza Ameri Student

من از کانادا ویلنم رو با راهنمایی های استاد خریداری کردم و از صفر با ایشون به صورت آنلاین آموزش دیدم ، خودم به دلیل مشغله ی کاری یک کم تمرین میکنم ولی کلاس خیلی عالی هست

کوروش  -  1400/04/05  -  Alireza Ameri Student

من قبلا چندین بار پکیج های مختلف آموزشی و معروف رو خریداری کرده بودم اما متاسفانه اصلا راضی نبودم ، وقتی میخواستم آی نواز ثبت نام کنم با تردید این کار رو انجام دادم اما الان خیلی خوشحالم که به صورت آنلاین توی کلاسهای آقای عامری شرکت میکنم و ایشون خیلی مرتب تدریس می کنند

بهاره انصار  -  1400/03/05  -  Alireza Ameri Student

من قبلا یک ترم کلاس رفته بودم ، بعد با دوره های آی نواز آشنا شدم ،با اینکه کتاب اول رو تقریبا تموم کرده بودم اما وقتی کلاسهای آنلاین آقای عامری شرکت کردم ، دیدم خیلی از نکات رو در کلاسی که میرفتم بهم نگفتن ، پیشنهاد می کنم حتما از کلاسهای ایشون استفاده کنید ، حتی اگه بیرون کلاس میرید

Violin training class

Violin is one of those well-known and popular instruments all over the world, which also has many fans in Iran. This instrument is one of the inseparable sounds in all world-famous music and has the ability to be played in a variety of different styles. The violin is a favorite of the world's elites, and you must have heard that people like Einstein and Professor Arithmetic played it. If you are also interested in playing this instrument, join us to learn more about the features of this instrument and the violin training class.

Features of violin

The violin is one of the string and bow instruments. Contrary to many people's beliefs that the violin is a French or English instrument, it was invented by the Italians. In general, this instrument consists of three main parts: resonant bowl, handle and bow. The body or resonant box of the violin is mostly made of ebony wood, which has a great effect on the resonance of the sound. The handle is the fingering point where the instrument hooks are located. In general, the violin has four strings, which can be made of three types of string, metal or synthetic composite, each of which has its own tuning conditions and has a great impact on the sound of the instrument. The violin can be played both as a solo or as a group. The most famous Iranian violinists are Parviz Yahaghi, Ali Tajvidi, Abolhassan Saba, Siavash Zandegani, Majid Vafadar, Ebrahim Lotfi, Abbas Shapoori, and others.

Choose the right violin class for you

If you want to become a professional violinist, the first step is to choose the right class for your training. In choosing a class, you can consider both face-to-face and online violin classes. Each of these classes has its own advantages and disadvantages. In face-to-face classes, the first point is that the classroom should be close to where you live, otherwise you will have to pay a lot of travel expenses. The farther away the class is, the longer your relocation time will be. Then you need to research the background of the violin teacher of the institution you have chosen. There is usually not much variety of instructors in the face-to-face classroom, and you usually have to choose between two or three instructors. face-to-face classes may interfere with your work hours or other schedules, and setting class time has little flexibility. Apart from these, the lessons that are taught in the sessions are very forgettable and you may forget some points after finishing the work. Fortunately, many of these issues have been resolved in online violin classes.

Online violin training in Inavaz

We at Inavaz Training Group have solved many of the problems of face-to-face classes so that you can be trained in better conditions and become a professional violinist. First of all, our classes are held online and completely privately. These classes are live and you can interact with your teacher. At the end of the class, you will be given a recorded video of the training, which you can watch and practice until the next session. You can choose the professors you want based on teaching background and tuition. In the first class session, which is a free counseling session, you can get acquainted with your teacher's style and decide to continue learning. In addition, Inavaz online classes are more economical than face-to-face classes due to reduced travel costs. You do not need to move and you can get this training from home or wherever you are. You can also attend our online classes in any city. This can be especially helpful when you live in a small town and do not have access to professional and experienced professors.

Buying the right instrument

Choosing the right instrument has a big impact on the sound and quality of the training level, so it is important to choose the right violin instrument to get started, which not only has good sound and quality but is also affordable. There are several brands of violin instruments that have different prices depending on the gender of the body and the manufacturer. Among the most important violin brands in Iran, we can mention Hafner, TF, Amati, Roderich Paesold, etc. In the free i-Nawaz initial meeting, you will be given complete information about buying the right maker.


Violin is one of the most popular instruments in Iran and the world, which is of Italian origin. And it belongs to the category of string-bowed instruments. You may have heard that playing the violin instrument is a bit difficult, but after a while, you get enough skills, it definitely sounds very pleasant. The first violin maker was Gasparo Bertolotti. The Persian violin consists of a reverberation box and a bow.

Violin training class

Violin is a very popular instrument and many people start to learn it but the number of people who continue it is very small because the violin needs constant practice and this has to happen for a very long time so that you can achieve relative skill. The sound of the violin is very pleasant and I recommend that you use the beginner to advanced violin class of I-Nawaz to realize the great beauty of this instrument. In inavaz Group, we use the experience of the best famous classical and Persian violin teachers, who are some of the best classical and Iranian violin players and you can have a free consultation session to get acquainted with your class and teacher and be sure of how they teach and see if you have interest in this instrument or not. In order to play classical and Persian violin music, you have to practice at least for 4 months, to learn the correct way of fingering and archery. Due to the fact that this instrument does not have a curtain, by continuing in the violin classes, you can enhance your hearing and voice recognition skills, which will make your progress amazing. Violin is one of the most important instruments in both orchestras and solos and attracts a lot of attention due to its wide range of sounds. Violin training is offered in different styles and methods. Styles include Iranian violin training and classical violin training, one of the most well-known teaching methods of violin training is the Suzuki method.

Online Violin Lesson

Our online violin lessons are held in a completely private way and in each session you can practice with the teacher for half an hour and can also receive a video of your class at the end. We have provided this possibility so that you can watch the video of the violin lesson online whenever you want.

Violin class price

inavaz online violin classes are very convenient because you save the cost of commuting and can easily hold your class anytime and anywhere. One of the features of our classes compared to face-to-face classes is that you can watch the video of the class, which you can do at any time and fix your problems. To see the price of the classical and Persian violin lessons, refer to the top of the page.

Buy a violin

If you want to buy a violin you can get advice from inavaz teachers and use their tips. Depending on the type of construction, the type of wire used, the company, or the person who made it, the price of a violin varies. There are two types of violins: acoustic violin and electric violin. Different brands include TF violin, Yamaha violin, Hofner violin, Stagg violin, Zack violin, Renato violin, and Stradivarius violin.