what is Inavaz?

The Inavaz is a place for online music education, under a dedicated online educational platform. Flourish your talents with us. At Inavaz, we have brought specialized music professors together from all over Iran for you. Stay safe and secure at home or wherever you are and join us.

جهت راهنمایی در استفاده از آی نواز ، ویدیو زیر را ببینید

Why Inavaz?

Ability to view the resumes of professors and their music portfolios

Access to prominent music professors in the country

Attend music classes in your home

Possibility of holding group music classes

Ability to record the entire session and download it

Ability to share music files and download them

High-quality music classes with good speed and the least time delay

Teaching a variety of dedicated music software

Persian Music Teachers

In Inavaz, we have selected a collection of amazing professors from all over Iran based on their experience and professional abilities. Each of Inavaz professors is fully qualified against the criteria for selecting professors. You can choose your master with complete confidence and experience tremendous progress.
Persian Music Teachers

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