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The city of Boston is a large part of the current music scene in the US state of Massachusetts, which includes several genres of rock as well as classical, folk, and hip hop music. Perhaps the most influential early US composer is Lowell Mason. Mason was a native of Boston who fought against the use of punctuation and note teaching in a standard way at the time. Mason led American music to its modern European model. In addition to Mason, musicians such as Arzmwit, James Taylor, Donna Summer, the Deckers, J. Gill / Peter Wolf, John Baines, the New Edition, etc. also belong to Boston. The Blues House, Symphony Hall, Governor, Paradise Rock Club, Passim Club, Brighton Music Hall, Sinclair, etc. are some of the most famous music halls in Boston. Boston Calling Festivals, Summer Camp Aid, Cambridge Dance Party, Green River, etc. are the most important Boston Music Festivals.