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Chicago, Illinois is the mainstay of music in the Midwestern United States, where distinctive forms of the blues style (responsible for creating rock and roll) and house music, a genre of electronic dance music, have developed. The "great migration" of poor black workers from the south to industrial cities brought traditional jazz and blues music to the city, resulting in the Chicago-style blues and Chicago-style Dixieland jazz. Prominent blues artists included Hollyn Walf, Jr. Wells, Maddie Waters, Sonny Boy Williams, and more. The greats of jazz include Net King King, Jane Ammons, Benny Goodman, and Bad Freeman. Chicago is also known for its soul music. In the early 1930s, religious music was introduced in Chicago due to the contributions of Thomas A. Dorsey and became popular in the Pilgrim Baptist Church. In the 1980s and 1990s, heavy rock, punk, and hip hop also became popular in Chicago. The Chicago Orchestras include the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Chicago Opera Lyric, and the Chicago Symphony. The Lollapalooza, Smoke August, Peachfork, North Coast Music Festival, Rebellion Festival, Chicago House Music Festival, Chicago Religious Music Festival, Chicago Blues Festival, etc. are some of the most important music festivals in this city.