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Leeds is a dance and opera town in the United Kingdom. The music industry in this city has developed a lot, especially in recent years. First Direct Arena is a 13,500-seat stadium that is fast becoming the number one venue for live music. Concerts are also held at the O2 Academy Hall in the city, which once hosted bands such as Queen and Kaiser Chiefs. Some of the world's greatest artists, including Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Robbie Williams, have performed at Round Park in North Leeds. On Valentine's Day 1970, The Who performed and recorded their album live in Leeds at the University of Leeds restaurant, which has been hailed by several music critics as the best live rock recording of all time. Leading Leeds music stars include Cassier Chief, Hood, Gang of Four, Duel, and Delta 5. Some of the city's most important music venues include the City Variety Music Hall, the Howard Chamber Hall, and the Belgrade Music Hall.