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It is quite clear that London has a special place in the history of world music. London is one of the major capitals of world classical music and hosts major music companies, such as World Music International and Warner Bros., as well as numerous bands, musicians, and celebrities in the industry. Many orchestras and concert halls are located in this city, such as the Barbican Art Center (London Symphony Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra), the South Bank Center (London Philharmonic Orchestra and Philharmonic Orchestra), the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Two major British opera houses, the Royal Opera House and the Colosseum (home of the British National Opera) are located in London too. London has several venues for rock and pop concerts, including the world's busiest indoor venue, Wembley, the O2 Arena, and many other venues, such as Brixton Academy, the Apollo Hammersmith, and several music festivals, including the Wireless Festival, Four South the West, Love Box, and British Summer Hours are all held in London. Musicians and bands such as Elton John, Pink Floyd, Cliff Richard, David Bowie, Queen, Kinks, Rolling Stones, Who, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis Costello, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Adam Annette, have been introduced to the world from the heart of this city. London has also played an important role in the development of world punk music.