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Newcastle has an active youth music culture as well as a music conservatory that is part of Newcastle University. The city continues to support local bands and has a large underground music scene. The members of Silverchair, a very successful Australian band, like the Australian band The Screaming Jets, are from Newcastle. The city is a prolific scene for punk rock and hardcore music genres that have created successful local and national performances. Newcastle was also home to the Velvet Underground band, which featured future AC / DC guitarist Malcolm Young. Newcastle's most famous musicians include Silver, Nikki Parrott, Daniel Jones, Mal Garb, Charlie Robbins, and more. The city's most famous festivals include the Falls Festival, Brand de Vali, Splendor in Grace, etc. Some of Australia's most famous music venues including Clooney, Newcastle City Hall, O2 Academy, Newcastle University Student Union, Eutilita Arena, etc. are also located in Newcastl