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Ottawa is a rare gem in the history of Canadian music and a very rich and healthy music scene that deserves attention. Like Montreal, Ottawa has a wide range of different musical activities that come from different cultures. This city has a worthy place among the biggest music scenes in Canada. The most famous musicians and singers of this city are Jeremy Gara, Paul Anka, Richard Reed Parry, Alanis Morris, Drew Nelson, Louis Rennie, Bruce Cockburn, and ... There are many music festivals in Ottawa that attract many people each year, and the most important of them are the France-Antarne Festival, Glover, TD Ottawa Jazz Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Tim Hortons Ottawa, Bud Music Festival Light Escapade. A city with a strong history in music like Ottawa should also have many music halls, some of the most important of which are: Mercury Hall, Barrymore Music Hall, Erin Pub Restaurant, New Bio Targ House, Greenfields Gastro House, etc.