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Perth, the largest city in Western Australia, has given rise to a number of prominent musicians. Some of the city's most famous musicians include Kevin Parker, Troy Sivan, Rolf Harris, David Helfgott, Luke Steele, and Tim Manchin. Prominent artists in the genres of rock, classical and electronic music have lived in Perth. The isolation of Perth is becoming a problem for many growing musicians, as it increases tour and advertising costs. As a result, many artists are leaving Perth to increase their popularity. The main music venues in Perth are the Perth Concert Hall, the Perth Arena, the Challenge Stadium, the Metropolitan Concert Clubs in Freemantle and Perth, the Fremantle Arts Center, the Belvoir Amphitheater, and the Red Hill Auditorium. Major international tournaments often take place outdoors, in-stadium venues such as the WACA Cricket Ground, Subiaco Oval, Members Equity Stadium, or Perth Oval. Festival events are usually held at the Clermont Exhibition Center or in Perth, Spain. The Supreme Court Gardens provides a great alternative outdoor venue and have hosted events such as David Bowie.