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As a modern global and multicultural society, all kinds of music can be found in Quebec today; From folk music to hip-hop. Music has always played an important role in the culture of the people of this city. From Ms. Laboldak in the 1920s to 1930s to contemporary artists, music in Quebec has introduced the world to some of the best songwriters, pop singers, singers, and bands. The most popular Quebec music artists of the last century include Felix Leclerc (1950s), Jill Wiegen (1960s), Kate and Anna McGarrigle (1970s), and Celine Dion (1980s). Among the most famous music halls in Quebec, we can mention Lasala Rosa, Metlous, Le Ritz PDB, Rialto Theater, etc., which host many concerts every year. There are also very famous music festivals in this city, the most important of which are Oshaga, Eaglofest, Quebec Festival (FEQ), Francophone, Methuselah, etc.