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Washington State has historically been home to many popular musicians and several major centers of music innovation. The state's largest city, Seattle, is known for being the birthplace of grunge and also a major contributor to the evolution of punk rock, independent music, folk, and hip hop. Tacoma and Olympia have also been centers of influence on popular music. Several world-famous musicians have come from Washington. Born in Tacoma in 1903 and raised in Spokane, Bing Crosby became the number one singer in the United States in 1942 with the song Christmas White. Jimi Hendrix, one of Seattle's most enduring classic rock guitar legends, was born in Seattle and buried in Renton. And Kenny Lugins, a folk-rock singer/songwriter who topped the Top 100 with Footloose in 1984, is from Everett. Kenny Jay is a Seattle saxophonist who studied at the University of Washington. Apart from these, other important musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Jimi Hendrix, Lynn Stalley, Courtney Studen, etc. also belong to this state. The Paradiso Festival, the Capitol Hill Block Festival, the Chance Festival, the Watershed Music Festival, the Canyon Bass Festival, the Upstream Music Festival and Summit, etc. are some of the most important music events in Washington. The Kennedy Center, the DAR Constitution Hall, and Berchmir are just some of the major music venues in the city.