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    Playing : 18 years

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    Teaching : 8 years

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Jila taghavi

About me
Zhila Taghavi (born in Urmia, 1973) started playing setar with Ms. Shadi Fathi and then continued with Masoud Shoari and Behdad Babaei. She finished music theory and solfa with master Hossein Mehrani. She learned tar playing from Hamid Khabazi and Hossein Mehrani.
🔺She has been activated in the music groups such as Khonia, Ham delan-e- nava, Parpirar, Solook, National orchestra of Naghme baran, National orchestra of Damavand, Broadcasting organization symphonic orchestra, Avin, Ding and Dong (children's music), Savalan (an Azari group) and Navaye Melal music group.
  • 🔺She has performed in several regions in Iran including Shiraz, Kerman, Kish, Isfahan and Mazandaran.
  • 🔺We can mention her artistic collaborations in Iran such as participation in Fajr music festivals in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2017, cooperation with famous musicians of the country such as Salar Aghili, Hossein Mirzaei, Farshid Rahimian, Mohammad Hossein Bastanseyr, Feyzollah Rezaei, Karim Ghorbani, Jamal Mohammadi, Master Eshaghi and Master Javad Lashgari.
  • 🔺She also has performed inside and outside the country including France, Armenia, South Korea and India.
  • 🔺She has played and harmonized in the OST titles of some TV-series such as Saat-e-faramoushi (Hour of Forgetfulness), Khat (note), etc.
  • 🔺She has also collaborated in the fields of singing and playing in many works such as Panj Angosht (Five Fingers), Lullabies, Monajat Nameh and Saadi Nameh, and Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
  • 🔺She’s been currently the head of the Navaya Melal music group, which consists of Iranian, Azerbaijani, Afghan and Tajik musicians.
  • 🔺In 2016, she had signed a cooperation contract with the EKO International Cultural Cooperation Organization regarding the expertise and consultation of the organization's music department, including program execution, controlling the quality of the music department and the production of musical programs and works.
  • 🔺In 2019, in the cultural and artistic organization Eko, she has organized an exhibition of musical instruments with the casting of some instrument makers and musicians from Eko member countries.
  • 🔺She had been received numerous certificate of appreciations and awards in the field of music from governmental and non-governmental organizations and different countries.
  • 🔺Currently, she is tar player in Naghmeh Baran National Orchestra, and a bass tar player in Damavand National Orchestra which Salar Aghili is the vocalist.
  • 🔺She has many years of teaching experience in different institutes and cultural centers in Tehran.

Jila taghavi is one of the best Setar teachers who also teaches piano online. She/He also has 8 years of experience in teaching Setar and 18 years of experience in playing one.

Other classes taught by Zhila Taghavi include: Setar، Tar، You can view the information of each course separately.

There is also 2 video of Jila taghavi, which includes a sample of Jila taghavi work and video sample of her students. You can click here to see this.

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