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image Arshame tafteh
Arshame tafteh
About me:
Arshame Tafete, born in Tehran in 1373, I started music education at the age of ten with the Ney instrument and entered the Tehran Girls' Conservatory of Music at the age of twelve.
Educational and work records
🔺Graduated from Girls' Music Conservatory
🔺Received a bachelor's degree from the Fine Arts Campus of Tehran University (Music)
Master's degree (musicology)

🔺Teaching in the girls' music conservatory
I continued to learn the Ney under the supervision of masters such as Dawood Varzideh, Pouria Shivafard, Shida Ghazi, and Mehdi Khamse.
In addition to these dignitaries, I also trained under the supervision of other professors such as Mania Hosseini (piano), Samira Ebrahimi (piano), Mehrabano Tofigh (theory), Vida Nehroudi (solfege), Shahla Milani (choir), Mina Oftade (fundamentals of music), Sara Najafi (Selfege), Asare Shekarchi (vocal response), Ali Bahramifard (Western music form and history), Taghi Zarrabi (instrumentation), Massoud Ebrahimi (harmony), Shahab Fayaz (sound physics) Mohammad Reza Fayaz (orchestra), Mohammad Esmaili (tombak).
After completing my studies at the conservatory, in 2011, I entered Tehran University's Fine Arts Campus for a bachelor's degree in Ney playing.
Along with such professors as Jamshid Andalibi (Ney), Siamak Jahangiri (Ney), Hessamuddin Siraj (vocal response), Dariush Talai (orchestra), Homan Asaadi (musical basics), Mahnaz Shadipour (piano), Khosro Molana (sound physics), Sasan Fatemi (acquaintance with the music of the regions), Reza Parvizzadeh (Iranian solfege, orchestra and the connection of poetry and music), Ehsan Zabihifar (composition), Shahin Farhat (harmony), Mehrdad Pakbaz (composition), Azin Mohed (history of western music), Payam Geraili (pedagogy), Arman Norozi (musicology)
I passed my bachelor's degree as a top student and was able to directly start my postgraduate studies in the field of musicology in 2016 without taking the master's exam.
After completing this course in 2011, I attended the "Ethnomusicology Association of Iran" and continued my research studies in addition to teaching at the music conservatory and private classes.
In addition to numerous concerts in conservatories and universities, I also performed at the following events:
Gaining experience in Bahram Saed's orchestra at Saed School (2006)
Playing in the orchestra of the Conservatory of Music to perform in Cuba under the supervision of Navid Dehghan (2011).
Performed in the charity concert of Niavaran Asylum in 2012 under the supervision of Alale Abu Torabi (oud) accompanied by Mehtab Nadalian (santoor), Mona Fallah (setar), and...
Performance at the unveiling of Shahrektab Beheshti book (2016)
The performance of the Ayaran group by master Ahmad Pazhman at the 34th Fajr Music Festival (February 2017), in Rudaki Hall, conducted by Mohammad Reza Fayaz
Arshameh Tafteh is one of the best Persian Ney teachers who also teaches piano online. She/He also has 7 years of experience in teaching Persian Ney and 16 years of experience in playing one.

Other classes taught by Arshame tafteh include: Persian Ney، Piano، Persian Avaz، You can view the information of each course separately.

There is also 2 video of Arshameh Tafteh, which includes a sample of Arshameh Tafteh work and video sample of her students. You can click here to see this.

To make contact with teacher Arshameh Tafteh, you can complete this form or contact us in WhatsApp..
Teacher info
  • Group : Persian Ney
  • Language : Persian - English
  • Player : 16 years
  • Teacher : 7 years


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Vaghean az hame nazar ali boud

Course info :
  • Payment With Dollars and Euro
  • Each session is 30 minutes
  • Call if you want offline class
  • Access on mobile , tablet and computer
  • Inavaz Certificate with the teachers Signature
  • 5
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Teacher info
  • Group : Persian Ney
  • Languages : Persian - English
  • player : 16 years
  • Teach : 7 years
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