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Iman Mirshekari

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    Group : Fluet Children

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    Language : Persian

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    Playing : 18 years

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    Teaching : 10 years

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    Each session is 30 minutes

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Iman Mirshekari

Iman Mirshekari is one of the best Fluet Children teachers who also teaches piano online. She/He also has 10 years of experience in teaching Fluet Children and 18 years of experience in playing one.

Other classes taught by Iman Mirshekari include: Fluet Children، Flute، You can view the information of each course separately.

There is also 13 video of Iman Mirshekari, which includes a sample of Iman Mirshekari work and video sample of her students. You can click here to see this.

To make contact with teacher Iman Mirshekari, you can complete this form or contact us in WhatsApp..

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