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image Saeed Mohammadi
Saeed Mohammadi
Saeed Mohammadi
Music was soaked through his veins and blood since he was a child by memorizing and imitating the songs and tasnifs of his father's gramophone. As a teenager, he started learning setar with Raha Kabiri and tar with the deceased
 artist Mehdi Yusef zadeh. He was tought under Master Hossein Alizadeh since 1991 and he had benefited from the specific course of this grand master until 2000.
At the same time, he also used Fariborz Azizi's tar playing technique and finally succeeded in obtaining a certificate as the most being excellent in the specific course from Mr. Alizadeh.
In addition to his valuable record of artistic activities, authoring books, composing and teaching in various universities, he has also organized numerous concerts and workshops inside and outside the country, and during his 30 years of teaching, he has trained many students, a significant number of them are now among the good musicians and teachers.
Saeed Mohammadi was born in the spring of 1970 in Aliabad city, located in the lush Golestan province. Graduated in natural resources engineering.
The focus of his activity in the provincial music community has always been the creation of new trends.
In addition to creating various concerts, he has trained many students in tar and setar playing, and a considerable number of them are currently among the good students of the region.
Master Mohammadi Sabegh was a member of the Golestan Central Broadcasting Music Council and the head of the music department of Golestan province in artistic field, who devoted most of his activity in the responsibility of improving the quality of music and creating a suitable platform for the improvement of cultural music.
Currently, he has been selected as "the main member of the Music Strategic Council (Music Association of Golestan Province) of the Department of Culture and Guidance".
Master Mohammadi has released a valuable book titled "Panje Setar" for the beginner students of Setar and also the book "Panje tar" for tar students. It is yet to be published.
His activities are mentioned in the following:
  • Establishing the first student music group in Gorgan University
  • The first workshop of setar musicians with a stage performance and with the participation of women
  • The first universal class for the basics of music theory in the music department of Gorgan University
  • Designing and managing the first educational festival of young people’s music for various Iranian and classical instruments
  • Attending the first research concert of Master Hossein Alizadeh in Gorgan (2000)
  • Participation in the first improvisation and improvise singing of Golestan artists
  • Attending the first music concert and listening to the enduring famous faces of North Khorasan
  • Attending the first vocal research concert in association with master Nasser Mojarad (2004)
  • Attending the first harmonized tanbour concert
  • Attending the second pathology research concert in association with master Reza Mahdavi (2004)
  • Attending the third music research concert in association with master Mehdi Azarsina (2004)
  • Attending the fourth research concert in association with Jalal Zolfonoon (2004)
  • Attending the first conference of Turkmen ney players
  • Attending the fifth research concert in association with master Kambiz Roshan Ravan (2005).

Saeed Mohammadi is one of the best Tar teachers who also teaches piano online. She/He also has 20 years of experience in teaching Tar and 31 years of experience in playing one.

Other classes taught by Saeed Mohammadi include: Tar، Setar، You can view the information of each course separately.

There is also 2 video of Saeed Mohammadi, which includes a sample of Saeed Mohammadi work and video sample of her students. You can click here to see this.

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Teacher info
  • Group : Tar
  • Language : Persian
  • Player : 31 years
  • Teacher : 20 years


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user ابوذر عباسی
Abu Dhar Abbasi

Hi Professor Mohammadi, Professor, why shouldn't your class be in Shiraz?

user صدرا

An outstanding teacher of art and ethics

user سینا صفرخانی
Sina Safarkhani

They are one of the best of the times, they are so persistent with their students that I couldn't believe it at all

Course info :
  • Payment With Dollars and Euro
  • Each session is 30 minutes
  • Call if you want offline class
  • Access on mobile , tablet and computer
  • Inavaz Certificate with the teachers Signature
  • 5
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Teacher info
  • Group : Tar
  • Languages : Persian
  • player : 31 years
  • Teach : 20 years
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