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    Playing : 21 years

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    Teaching : 7 years

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Amirebrahim Asadi

About Me
Amir Ebrahim Asadi - born in 1371 in Gorgan - started playing music at the age of 10 with the tonbak. As a teenager, I trained under the supervision of provincial professors such as Payam Dabbagh and after completing the advanced course, I went to professor Bahman Rajabi’s class to continue the super advanced course.
Educational records
🔺Master of Industrial Engineering from Mazandaran University
🔺Specialized instrument: Tonbak, hang drum
work experience
🔺Teacher of free art institutions and schools
🔺Member of the Musicians Association of Iran Music House
🔺Experience in teaching children, teenagers, and adults
🔺Founder of Rhythm Group
Courses and certificates
🔺The honor of being a student for many years under the supervision of the true teacher of tonbak, Bahman Rajabi, and receiving approval for playing and teaching from him
🔺Taking a professional course in compound playing (simultaneous use of two hemispheres of the brain while playing) with Kamran Montazeri
🔺Passing sound recording, mixing, and mastering courses
🔺Participating in Fajr International Festival and winning as the best group in the country
🔺Invitation to Junbi Fajr Festival and winning as the best group in the country
🔺Cooperation with an Iranian band as a musician of drums and percussion instruments under the supervision of Dr. Taheri
🔺Harmony of Edo and Cajon in the collection of flamenco guitar educational books written by teacher Sam Arabali
🔺Teaching tonbak, hangdrum, edo, piano, Cajon, darbuka, bandir and tambourine
🔺Teaching composition and arrangement with Cubase and OF ALL Studio software
🔺Duet and band training
🔺Multiphonic and polyphonic band training
🔺Making, playing, and recording the pieces: Beginning - Thirty – Chahar shanbe suri - Takht - Tolo - Mashagh - Chahar Mezarab Hijaz

Amirebrahim Asadi is one of the best Cajon teachers who also teaches piano online. She/He also has 7 years of experience in teaching Cajon and 21 years of experience in playing one.

Other classes taught by AmirEbrahim Asadi include: Cajon، Tombak، Daf، Hangderam، Tonbak Child، You can view the information of each course separately.

There is also 5 video of Amirebrahim Asadi, which includes a sample of Amirebrahim Asadi work and video sample of her students. You can click here to see this.

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