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    Language : Persian

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    Playing : 15 years

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    Teaching : 8 years

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Mohsen Mirzaei

Teacher Mohsen Mirzaei
Born in 1370
Teachers: Siamak Aghaei, Majid Kiani, Dariush Pirniakan, Azin Movvahed, Khosrow Molana, Hoomaan As’adi, Sharif Lotfi, Negar Booban, Reza Parviz-Zadeh, Siamak Jahangiri, Ghasem Rahim-Zadeh, Esmaeil Safari, Farid Mozaffar-Zade and the other dear teachers.
  • The first placed in santur playing section in the 13th youth music festival, summer 2018.
  • To collaborate with Raha santoor Group under the direction of Professor Siamak Aghaei in the dulcimer Millennium Festival and a collabrative performance with Jasmine santur Group from Beijing Central Conservatory, summer 2018, Beijing, China and also in summer 2018, Tehran and Isfahan.
  • Senior student of Iranian music at Tehran University of Arts.
  • Graduated from Tehran University of Fine Arts with an A grade.
  • The first placed in the santoor playing section and the second placed in the composition section in the 12th youth music festival, summer 2017.
  • Instrumental and vocal performance with Amir Asna Ashari in the series of several night concerts, autumn 2017
  • To collaborate with Boom music group in releasing the album Manzomeh Zaman (the poem of time).
  • To collaborate with various music groups and holding concerts inside and outside the country, as well as recording several albums yet to release.
  • To cooperate with Moj-e-No (New Wave) Orchestra directed by Ali Ghamsari and holding a concert in Tehran, etc.

Mohsen Mirzaei is one of the best Persian Santoor teachers who also teaches piano online. She/He also has 8 years of experience in teaching Persian Santoor and 15 years of experience in playing one.

There is also 1 video of Mohsen Mirzaei, which includes a sample of Mohsen Mirzaei work and video sample of her students. You can click here to see this.

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  1. Maryam  -  4/27/2021

    They are very patient teachers, I am very happy to have a class with them

Student Comment Mohsen Mirzaei

  1. Maryam  -  4/27/2021

    They are very patient teachers, I am very happy to have a class with them

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