Online Child Music Course

Student Say
Mom Arsham from Spain
 -  10/15/2023  -  Parastoo Khandani Student

Prasto Jun is a very talented artist and his artistic literacy is very high. Even though he is proficient in different instruments, it has not affected his education and he teaches with complete patience. I am very thankful to him and to Nawaz.

Samia Rezaei Fr
 -  5/25/2022  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

My daughter finished her sixth session today.

Saeeda Rahmani
 -  4/3/2022  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

Be really careful in which class you enroll your child.

 -  10/13/2021  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

The best website

Bahar Behran
 -  9/1/2021  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

Thank you to Maryam Jun, who is patient and enthusiastic, her classes are so enjoyable that my daughter and I are looking forward to her classes.

 -  7/16/2021  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

Thank you to Ay Nawaz and Maryam Joon, who patiently studied Bells for Manly, Maryam Joon is very lovely.

 -  6/8/2021  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

My son had previously attended classes elsewhere, but he did not play the flute well. Since we attended Mrs. Fazeli's classes, he has improved a lot.

 -  6/5/2021  -  Diana Shirafkan Student

At home, Ahura constantly watches Diana Jun's movies and repeats his poems, thanks to Diana Jun.

Armita Akhan
 -  4/30/2021  -  Diana Shirafkan Student


 -  4/18/2021  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

Hello dear and lovely Ms. Fazeli, thank you for all the hard work you do for Regina, Regina loves you very much and she always talks about you at home.

Children music and tips for choosing proper instrument and class for them


Teaching music to children

Many children are interested in learning music from an early age, and if they are properly oriented, one day they can become the greatest musicians in various genres. However, you need to know how to find the right instrument and how to choose the best style for them. After all, they are different from adults, and their learning styles must be different too.

How to choose the right instrument for children?

First you should consider your child's age. For children over the age of six, you can choose from a wide range of musical instruments. Younger children, however, are limited in the types of instruments they can use physically. If you want to choose an instrument for a child under the age of six, a violin or piano makes a lot of sense. The piano can be a great choice for a young child because it improves many skills. Violins are also good choices, especially since they can be made in very small sizes. In addition, considering the child's body is also effective in choosing the right instrument. Height is an important factor. A child of a smaller size does not accept very large instruments. If you choose an instrument that the child plays with his mouth, think about the size of his lips. Smaller lips work better with instruments such as the French horn or trumpet. Also, think about your child's fingers. Long, slender fingers work better on a piano than short, stiff fingers. Finally, consider your child's tastes. Many children who are interested in music will respond better to the sound of some instruments from an early age.

Selecting child music class

If you want to choose the right music class for your child, what features should you consider?
1. You must first look at the class instructor. The child's music teacher should know the child's psychology and be familiar with their spirits. How children learn is different from adults, and children's music teachers need to be trained for that. In addition, they must have sufficient skills in their field.
2. The atmosphere of the child's music class should be in accordance with their moods and should not have a violent and grand atmosphere. Using cheerful colors can help a lot to make the space more attractive. In this regard, you should look for a children's music school or a school that has special classes for children, which can sometimes be very difficult to find.
3. It is better to monitor the child's education. Since your child may have a runaway mind and may not remember some of the points taught in class, your presence can be helpful and you can help them during practice.
With these characteristics, do you know a suitable class for teaching music to your children?

Inavaz and the experience of children music

At Inavaz, we pay special attention to teaching music to children. Some of the best children's music teachers are in our collection and teach your children a wide range of musical instruments. Our classes are an ideal choice for your children in many ways because:
1. First of all, our children's music teachers all have experience of teaching children of different ages and know well how to deal with them. A free counseling session will be held for you, in which you can get acquainted with the teacher's teaching style and decide whether it is suitable for your child or not.
2. Our classes are held online. So your child can be educated at home, which is a familiar environment, and you can monitor it. In addition, at the end of the class, you will be given a recorded video of the session that you can use.
3. You do not need to move to attend classes and you can save money.
4. Our class is done completely privately and with the student's learning speed, so you do not need to worry about him learning slowly.
If you are looking for an Iranian children's music class for your child, we have very good options. You can choose the professors yourself and find out the tariffs of different training classes on our site. If you have any other questions about our classes, you can contact our experts.