Online Orff Music Course

Student Say
 -  10/2/2023  -  Parastoo Khandani Student

My daughter likes your class very much. I wish she could come in person. Thank you for your patience

 -  8/26/2023  -  Parastoo Khandani Student

I am very satisfied with participating in the online class of Professor Prosto Khandani.

 -  8/26/2023  -  Parastoo Khandani Student

I am very satisfied with the classes of Professor Prasto Khandani.

Mohammad Hassan
 -  8/26/2023  -  Parastoo Khandani Student

By participating in this class, my son has learned music and his Farsi language has improved. We are in Germany and my son speaks German here. I would also like him to speak Farsi better and learn Iranian songs and become familiar with these songs, thank you.

 -  8/26/2023  -  Parastoo Khandani Student

Young swallow, we love each other very much

 -  8/1/2023  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

Thank you teacher, my son is very interested\r\n

 -  11/19/2022  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

I am outside of Iran, and my daughter attends Ms. Fazeli's classes, the cost of the classes is much cheaper compared to Germany, and the class is of good quality, Maryam Jun is very patient.

 -  11/19/2022  -  Parastoo Khandani Student

Ever since my son has been participating in Ms. Khandani's classes, he has been performing the rhythm perfectly and correctly.\n

Mohammad Payandeh
 -  5/25/2022  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

If your child is confused or can't choose his favorite instrument or is so small that he still doesn't understand the sound of a particular instrument, the only way to choose the right instrument is to participate in the Children's Orf course.

Mrs. Moradi
 -  4/6/2022  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

I really wanted my daughter to learn music, but I didn't know what instrument she was interested in.

Ardeshir Salamat
 -  6/1/2021  -  Maryam Fazelinasab Student

Hello Mrs. Fazeli, they practice with children very patiently, even though working with children in the online class is very exciting, but my son is being trained very well, thanks to Mrs. Fazeli.

What is Orff music? How to introduce your child to musical instruments?

Teaching music to children is not easy. You do not even know what your child is interested in or is gifted with. Do you have to choose any instrument that he/she pays attention to? It has been seen many times that parents buy an instrument and even enrolls their child in a class but he/she cannot communicate with it and as a result, the education is abandoned. So it's important how we can introduce the child to the world of music in a better way?

What is Orff music?

Orff is a method of teaching music to children invented by a German composer. This style of music education is for ages where children can not receive specialized music education. From a very young age, ie from 3 to 5 years old, your child can learn very basic instruments in this way and have a happy and intimate entry into the world of music. In fact, in this style of music education, a foundation is created for the child to be able to work on more serious instruments in the future. In the Orff class, the child becomes acquainted with the rhythm of reading and playing bells, flute recorders, drums, and a variety of simple instruments. The learning environment is quite happy and childish. The class teacher is well-trained to teach children and can communicate with them. It has been found that children who take this course are easily identified and can find their own specialized instrument at a younger age. The aim of this class is to strengthen motor and mental skills and prepare the child to enter the world of more professional music. Also, the child's musical intelligence coefficient is strengthened in this course. Orff training usually includes the following:
• Expressing emotions in the form of movement and words
• Perform rhythmic movements with song and rhythm
• Reading notes and rhythm
• Teaching simple instruments such as flute, bells, bells, drums, etc.
So by enrolling your child in an Orff class, you are actually investing in the future of your child's music.

Where is the best Orff music school?

If you want to introduce your child to the world of music, you have to start with an Orff class. The Orff course, like other music education courses, can be held both in-person and online. But which one is better? You may think that face-to-face classes can be a better choice because the child is in the real space of the classroom, but this is not the case. As an old style of teaching classes, face-to-face classes have many problems. First and foremost, you need to take your child to and from these classes each time, which can be time-consuming and costly for you, and even impossible if you are employed. Next, as you know, most children feel threatened and insecure in unfamiliar environments and do not cooperate with their educator. The child also takes classes with other peers in these classes, which can be threatening or upsetting, especially if he or she is younger and your child's education may be overshadowed by other children's education. Apart from all this, finding an Orff-style class in your area can be difficult, especially if you live in a small town. So what is the solution?

Orff online classes in Inavaz

At Inavaz, we offer the best Orff music classes. With the help of these classes, your child can get acquainted with basic instruments at home and find talent for the future. You do not need to move to attend these classes and this will save you a lot of money and time. In our online classes, you can be well informed about your child's education on a private and online platform, and even at the end of the class, you will be given a recorded video of the session that you can practice with your child during the week. Orff online classes are much cheaper than face-to-face classes. In addition, you can attend these classes in any city. The instructors of Inavaz Group are well-educated about educating children, and the classroom atmosphere is quite happy and intimate. In this class, you can get to know your child's talent in music very well. The first session of our classes is held for free and in this session, you can get acquainted with the training style of the instructor and decide to continue the class. All of the Orff instructors in the Inavaz group are musicians with years of experience in teaching children. You can get acquainted with their background and the cost of attending their classes on our site and choose the desired instructor depending on your will.