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So many people enjoy the sound of a piano. This instrument is one of the oldest and most popular instruments in the world that has many fans around the world. You must have heard that learning this instrument takes a lot of time and to become a professional pianist, you have to have years of experience. Therefore, it is recommended that you learn this instrument from childhood when you have both a more prepared mind to learn and a lot of time to practice. But teaching a child piano requires its own principles and information. If you want to enroll your child to learn this instrument, stay tuned.

Children piano structure

The piano is a key instrument whose beautiful sound is created by the impact of small hammers on the strings. The piano has a very wide range of sound and therefore can be used in many different parts. As you probably know, there are different types of pianos that differ in the type of sounds they produce. Most parents consider the size of the piano when shopping because it can take up a lot of space in the house. Types of pianos include the grand piano (two meters long and a large door that is left half-open when playing), the upright piano, the electric piano, the square grand piano, and the spinet piano. It is clear that the price of these instruments is very different. The best way to choose the right instrument is to ask an expert or piano teacher when buying. Since the piano is expensive, you should do thorough research before buying a good model. You can also enroll your child in an Orff class before piano class, which is a technique for identifying children's musical talents, to make sure your child is interested in this instrument.

Face to face or online classes?

Children's piano, like many other musical instruments, is taught both in-person and online. In-person classes, as the name implies, require your physical presence in the classroom. This means you need to find a school in your area that has the features you are looking for. First of all, have a children's piano class whose teachers are different from adult teachers, and secondly, it should be close to your home. Finding these two features together is harder than it sounds. However, if you can find such a class, the next issue is getting to and from the class, which requires time and money. Especially since you have to travel with your child every time and this may not be possible for you to get to work. So there seems to be another option for teaching piano to your child, and that is online piano lessons. But what are the benefits of these classes and why should you choose them?

Online teaching of piano in Inavaz

In our Inavaz collection, we have provided conditions for your child to be able to learn piano lessons at home and under the supervision of the best piano teachers. Our classes are held online and on the dedicated Inavaz platform, where the child can interact with their teacher because these classes are alive. You also have the chance to supervise your child's education at home while you are doing your chores. All the lessons taught in our online classes are similar to face-to-face classes and the child can be taught from beginner to advanced. Child piano teachers all specialize in teaching them. And the classroom atmosphere is very happy and appropriate for the child's age. At the end of the class, you will be given a recorded video of the class that you can practice with your child until the next session. The selection of the teacher is done according to your taste and through the site. You can choose between them based on the resume and the cost of the class. The first session is free and has a counseling aspect in which you can get acquainted with the teacher's teaching method and decide to continue the class. Our class costs are much cheaper than face-to-face classes, and you do not need to relocate, which helps save time and money. Also, in a free consultation session, you can get the necessary advice from the teacher about buying the right instrument. If you are not sure if your child is interested in or talented in the piano, you can enroll in the Orff classes in our collection, where children are gifted from a very young age to find the right instrument.

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