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Student Say
 -  5/28/2022  -  Yasaman Naderi Student

A kind teacher and everything is fine.

Ms. Rezaei
 -  4/10/2022  -  Yasaman Naderi Student

I wanted to send my daughter to violin class and I had heard that it is a difficult instrument and it is better to start at a young age.

Violin for children

Choosing the right instrument for children is a complex and relatively difficult process. One of the most popular instruments in this era is the violin. You must have heard that the violin is a difficult instrument to learn and its teaching should start from childhood when children have more learning power. But most parents are worried that their child will not be able to learn this complex instrument or that it will not be a good option for them at all. What is the solution? In the following, we will explain more about teaching this instrument to children and the points that you should keep in mind.

The structure of the child violin

First of all, one of the questions that arise is whether a child's violin is different from an adult violin? There is no difference between a child and an adult violin in terms of shape and number of strings or even how they are played, but the important thing to keep in mind is the correct size of the violin. In general, the size of violins varies from 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4. The smaller the child, the smaller the hand, and therefore the smaller the violin. Other than that, child and adult violins are similar. The violin is a bowed string instrument that consists of four main parts: strings, resonant bowl, handle and bow. In general, this instrument has four strings and relatively short handles. You should place the instrument on your left shoulder and hold the bow in your right hand. The violin bow is made of horsehair that is pulled on strings. The body of the instrument is also made of wood, usually ebony or maple. The violin can be taught in two general sections, traditional Iranian and European. It is highly recommended to teach this instrument from an early age because the violin is a relatively difficult instrument and children's minds are more receptive to it. By educating your child from an early age, you can be sure that he will become a very professional musician in the near future.

The best child violin training class

If you want to teach your child violin, you should be able to choose the best class for it. In general, you have two choices, face-to-face classes or online classes. You need to travel to attend face-to-face classes. It may be difficult for you as parents to take your child to and from these classes each time. Other than that, finding a good class is a big deal. Because a teacher who specializes in teaching children can hardly be found in small towns. Besides, your travel needs time and money. In some classes, you will not be allowed to attend the meeting as a companion. And this may be to the detriment of the child's learning. In addition, he or she may not be able to learn the points taught in class very well. The solution to all of this is to attend online classes. Online classes help you attend from any city, and this can be especially helpful for people living in small towns. No need to relocate will save you time and money. You can get things done while your child is training at home and monitor the class process. In addition, the cost of these classes is much lower than face-to-face ones.

Online learning of baby violin in Inavaz

In the Inavaz group, we have gathered the best children's violin teachers who are specially trained to teach children. The classroom environment is very happy and suitable for the child's age, and the educational session is conducted online, remotely, live, and privately on the dedicated Inavaz platform, and the child can talk and learn directly with the teacher. At the end of the class, the recorded video of the session will be provided so that you can practice with your child until the next session. Choosing the teacher in our collection depends on your taste and you can choose from our site based on the resume of the teacher and the cost of the class. Another advantage of our classes is that the first session is held for free and consultations where you can get advice on buying the right instrument for the kid. Especially since buying an instrument for children is more difficult than for adults and requires an expert opinion. If you are not sure if your child is interested in the violin, you can even take a child's Orff class where very young children learn about the right instrument.