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The violin includes a large family of instruments. And one of the biggest members of this family is the cello. Cello is one of the old and good-sounding instruments that is used in many styles of music and it is definitely one of the best instruments in the symphony orchestra that gives more glory to the music pieces. If you also intend to learn this beautiful instrument, stay with us to get more information about it.

Structural characteristics of cello

The cello is structurally very similar to the violin. This instrument consists of four main parts, handle, strings, resonating bowl, and bow. The handle is the upper part of the resonating bowl where the tunings are located and the fingers are placed on it when playing. This instrument, like a violin, has four strings that are tuned to A (first string), D (second string), C (third string), and D (fourth string) respectively. Similar to the violin, the bow is made of horse hair and is stretched over the strings. The resonating bowl is also pear-shaped. The main difference between violin and cello is their size and how to play them. The cello has a metal stand that is placed on the floor and the body of the instrument is placed between the player's legs. This instrument is used in different groups of music styles including pop, jazz, rock, classical, and even folk music. Among the most famous cello players are Mstislav Rostropovich Rossi, Pierre Fournier, Luigi Boccherini, Adrien-Francois Serve, etc.

Cello training

If you intend to learn the cello, you can do it in two ways: face-to-face classes or online classes. To participate in face-to-face classes, you must first find the institution of your choice. To teach cello. In the next step, you should see if the classes are compatible with your free time. You should also check the history of the professor and see if he has enough skills. One of the problems with face-to-face classes is that it limits you to the city where you live and you have to choose among the options you have. This can affect your education especially when you live in small towns. Apart from this, to attend the classes, you have to add the travel expenses to the class tuition. Also, the time you spend going to class also reduces the useful time of your day. Many people who participate in face-to-face classes complain that they are not able to take notes during the session. To solve all these problems, there is a simpler option such as online classes, which we will explain more about below.

Online learning of cello in Inavaz

In the Inavaz group, we have provided conditions so that you can be under the supervision of the best cello teachers from any city and improve your skills. From beginner to advanced level, our classes are taught, and apart from the fact that professors of face-to-face classes are used, the books and the teaching method are also the same. Apart from the fact that the tuition fee for our classes is far more suitable than face-to-face classes, the expenses related to commuting are also deducted from it. In addition, it saves your time. Our cello classes at Inavaz are held completely live on our private platform where you can interact with your teacher. At the end of the session, you will be provided with the recorded video of the class, which you can use to practice until the next session and have the points mentioned in the class written down. No matter what city you live in, you can attend our classes and choose the professor you want depending on the tuition or their experience. The first session of the Inavaz cello class is held for free, where you can get to know the teacher's teaching method and decide on the continuation of your class.

Buying the right instrument

The instruments are fairly priced so you can't go wrong with buying them. In order to get the necessary information about buying the right instrument, you will be given the necessary advice in the first session of Inavaz. The price of a cello can vary depending on the manufacturer's brand, body material, and sound quality. TF, Yamaha, Renato, Stag, and Zack are among the best cello manufacturers.