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The biggest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument belongs to the family of violins and it is an instrument called the contrabass. The double bass is one of the biggest instruments in the world, which has a very beautiful and pleasing sound and is used in many orchestral pieces. This is why this instrument plays an important role in western music today. If you are also interested in instrumental learning, be sure to continue with us so that you can get more information about its structure and training classes.

Structural features of the contrabass

The contrabass is from the violin family and is a bowed string instrument that is similar to the cello in terms of the way it is played so that it is placed on the floor and between the player's legs. It's sound is the lowest sound among stringed instruments in the world. Like other instruments of this family, the contrabass also consists of four main parts, i.e. handle, strings, resonating bowl, and bow. The total length of the instrument is about one meter and 80 centimeters. The number of strings is four (there are also examples of 5 strings of this instrument) and the resonating bowl is wooden and pear-shaped. The bow is also made of horse hair and is used for this instrument in two French or German models. The contrabass strings are tuned the opposite of the violin. This instrument is used in orchestras to create depth and weight in the pieces. Due to the high power of the sound of this instrument, solo pieces are rarely written for it and it is usually used together with other instruments. One of the main problems of this instrument is its excessive size, which makes it difficult to move around. Paul Chambers and James Jamerson can be mentioned among the most famous contrabass players in the world.

Contrabass training

If you want to learn this beautiful instrument, probably the first thought that comes to your mind is to enroll in a music school near where you live. Face-to-face classes have their own advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the face-to-face class you choose must be close to where you live, otherwise, the travel time and related costs will increase. The contrabass is a lesser-known instrument and if you live in small towns you may not be able to find a class to teach it or if you do find a teacher your hands are tied and you won't have many choices. To participate in face-to-face classes, you must have an empty schedule that matches the class time. As mentioned above, it can be very difficult to make a place of this size to participate in classes. Therefore, you may think of hiring a private teacher who will charge you more due to the conditions of the class. But we have a much easier and even more affordable way for you, which we will explain more about later.

Contrabass training in Inavaz

In order for you to have easier training, we organize online training classes for this instrument at Inavaz, which you can attend from home or anywhere you want. The classes are held privately and live on the dedicated platform of Inavaz, where you can interact with the teacher, and after the class, the recorded video of the session will be provided to you. Because you don't need to move anywhere, the time you spend on training will be saved, and transportation costs will be eliminated, which will be more economical for you. Apart from this cost, online classes are also much cheaper than face-to-face classes. In terms of the way these classes are held, they are no different from face-to-face classes, and not only the professors are the same, but the books and lessons taught are also the same, in which you can learn from the beginner to the advanced level. You can choose the professor you want through the site and depending on your resume and interest. The first session is free and you can get to know your professor's teaching style and decide on the continuation of the class.

Buying the right instrument

In order to buy a suitable instrument, you need expert guidance, especially in the case of an instrument such as the Contrabass, which is more expensive than many other instruments. There are different brands of this instrument in the market, and their prices vary depending on the manufacturer's brand, body wood, etc. In the free and initial meeting of Inavaz, you will be provided with enough information about buying the right instrument, so that you can make a more suitable choice. Among the most important brands of this instrument, we can mention Yamaha, Steinway and Sons, Kawai, Bosendorfer, Fazioli, etc.