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Soren from Cologne
 -  10/31/2023  -  Sam Karimi Student

I like this instrument very much and Professor Karimi teaches it very well. Thank you Nawaz for introducing me to this talented teacher.

 -  3/26/2022  -  Sam Karimi Student

Hi teacher, is it possible to have a specialized store selling electro-classical pickup guitars in Dusseldorf, Germany? Please tell me the exact address. Thank you very much.

electric guitar

The guitar instrument belongs to a large family and different types of instruments with minor differences in construction, body material, sound shape, etc. are in this group. One of the most popular guitars in the world is the electric guitar, which can be considered the main instrument of many musical styles such as jazz or metal. The sound of this instrument is a very unique and distinctive sound that has many fans around the world. If you are one of these people, stay tuned for more information on the structure of this instrument and its training classes.

Features of electric guitar

The electric guitar is a member of the guitar family and a wound-stringed instrument whose sound is amplified by an electrical component called a pickup. Structurally, this instrument has the general design of a guitar and consists of three parts: bowl, handle, and strings. The bowl of this instrument is divided into two groups of full or hollow bowls. Hollow types are used in jazz style and full types are used in metal and rock styles. Also, unlike classical guitars with pear-shaped bowls, electric guitar bowls can be designed in a variety of shapes. The bowl is made of woods such as ash, alder, tonewood, etc. The number of strings of this guitar is generally six, but there are 12 strings too, in which every two strings are tied in one tune. There are also 7 and 8-string guitars for some more specific styles. There are different types of electric guitars, the most important of which are Los Powell, Halobadi, Stratocaster, Telecaster; And other types of metal styles. Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Joe Satriani, Bibi King, Eddie Van Halen, Charlie Christine, etc. are also among the most famous electric guitarists in the world.

Electric guitar training

If you are interested in learning electric guitar, you have two options: attending face-to-face classes or online classes. To attend face-to-face classes, you must first find the right school. The first point in choosing the right school is its distance from your home. This distance should be such that commuting to the class makes sense to you. After that, you should check the resume of the teachers. In the next step, the teachers' class time should be checked. These three steps have some problems. First, no matter how close the school is to you, you will need to relocate, which can be time-consuming and costly. In the next step, your hand is tied in choosing the teacher, especially if you live in a small town. Finally, the class schedule should be in line with the teacher's schedule, so you may not be able to attend class. To solve all these problems, you can choose online classes, which we will explain the benefits of them in the following.

Online training of electric guitar in Inavaz

If you want to make learning easier, online classes are your option. Attending these classes does not have the problems of face-to-face classes. The best electric guitar classes are held at Inavaz School. You can attend these classes from any city and you can even choose your own teacher. Another advantage of attending our classes is that you do not need to move and you can receive your training from home. This will save you time and money. The cost of attending online classes is also much lower than attending classes. In addition, the teachers of these classes are not different from each other, and you receive exactly the same instruction as face-to-face classes, and the same books too. You can learn from beginner to advanced level in our school. Classes are all held on a completely private and live platform where you can talk and interact with the instructor. Registration for classes is done through the site and the first session is free and has a counseling aspect in which you can get acquainted with how the teacher teaches and decide on the continuation of the class.

Buying the right instrument

You will need a different instrument depending on the style you want to learn, the budget you have in mind, and the level at which you are training. The right instrument needs research and information that will be provided to you in the first session of Inavaz. Electric guitar prices depend on the style, body material, instrument features, and manufacturer brand. The most important brands of electric guitars are Gibson Les Paul, Fender, Charol, Kramer, etc.