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The mouth instrument is one of those very good-sounding pocket instruments that many people around the world are interested in its sound. This instrument, which is an old and international instrument, has a relatively good range of sound and can be used in many parts. Learning this instrument is more complex than one might think and therefore requires specialized training. In the following, we will explain more about learning this instrument.

Harmonica structure

The harmonica is a wind and pocket instrument that consists of three main parts: a piece called the mouthpiece, a blade called a slide, and strips called wind saver valves. The tapes vibrate when the wind is blown through the mouth of the instrument. These straps are attached to the body at one end and are free at the other. The sound of the harmonica is very similar to other instruments of its family such as Melodica, Concertina, and Accordion. The similarity in the structures and the way the sound is produced has led to this similarity. The mouthpieces are divided into several groups based on their capabilities and the sound they produce, the most important of which are: • Thermo and octave oral instruments for folk and pop styles • Diatonic mouth instrument for folk, Irish, country, blues, and pop styles • Chromatic mouth instrument for Irish, jazz, classical, and pop styles • Bass and chord oral instrument for classical and pop styles The most famous oral musicians are Steve Wonder, Little Walter, Tutt Tillmans, John Popper, Bob Delaney, etc.

Harmonica classes

If you are interested in Harmonica training, you have two options. Or you should attend face-to-face classes, which are a more traditional way of conducting music classes and maybe your first choice. But you may not be familiar with the problems of this style of class. First of all, you have to attend these classes, which require time and money. Many people cannot make up enough time to attend these classes, especially if they are employed or students or living in large, busy cities. Apart from this, the travel cost is added to the cost of the class. The next problem is finding the right classes with a history teacher. Many small towns do not have proper music classes or, if they do exist, they do not have suitable and experienced teachers. Class time is also relatively short, and if you do not pay good attention, important points may be lost. But there is another option to use, and that is to participate in online classes.

Harmonica training in Inavaz

Online Harmonica training, however, has solved all the problems of face-to-face ones. First of all, you do not need to be physically present and you can train from anywhere with a computer and high-speed internet. In addition, you will save time and money because you do not need to relocate, and as a result, the cost of the class will be reduced for you. Also, you are not limited to your city to participate in these classes, and you can be under the supervision of the best teachers from the smallest cities. At Inavaz, we hold the best Harmonica instruction classes for you. In our classes, a group of the best Harmonica teachers teaches this instrument with flexible programs. Our classes are all held online and privately on Inavaz's dedicated platform. Because the class is live, you can interact with your teacher. At the end of the class, you will be given a recorded video of that session, which you can practice with until the next session. Our classes are no different from face-to-face classes in terms of courses and instructors, and you can learn from beginner to advanced levels. The first session is free and has a consultative aspect. In this session, you can get acquainted with the training method of the selected teacher and get advice from him about buying an instrument. You can also decide to continue the training depending on the quality of the session. The selection of the teacher is done according to the desire and taste of the student and through this site. You can get acquainted with the cost of the class and the teaching experience of the professors through the site and choose for yourself.

Buying the right instrument

There are different types of harmonica and you should seek the opinion of the master to buy. The cost of them varies depending on the body material and the brand of the manufacturer. The most important brands are Victor, Golden Cup, Kung Sheng, Hohanner, Suzuki, etc.

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