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The story of making some instruments is very interesting. While the construction of some instruments is very complex and done with different equations, others have a much simpler structure and are made with very handy tools. One of these instruments is the tongue drum, which was first made by the back of a gas capsule. However, it was modified in later forms and is now one of the most popular instruments in the world. If you are also interested in this instrument, stay tuned for more information about it.

Structural features of the tongue drum

As mentioned above, the tongue drum was first made with the help of an almost hollow surface of a gas canister, but now its shape has changed and it has a structure similar to a hang drum. This instrument is a very young instrument that was first introduced to the world in 2007. The maker of the instrument was a woman who was interested in the hang drum but could not afford it due to financial difficulties, so she made an alternative. The current structure of the instrument is almost similar to the hang drum, except that it is much smaller in size. Also, unlike the hang drum, which is played by hand, this instrument is played with both the beat of the finger and the drum sticks. Unlike the hand-made hang drum, today's tongue drums are made with machines. This instrument has a lot of resonance and its notes vary from eight to ten depending on the skill of the musician. The tongue drum is tuned only once and will rarely need to be tuned again after that.

Tongue drum training

If you are interested in this instrument, you can learn it in both face-to-face and online classes. tongue drum face-to-face classes, like any other instrument, require your attendance at training sessions. As a result, you have to pay for travel and spend some time. The farther away the educational institution is from where you live, the more cost and time allotted to it. One of the problems with attending classes is that it limits you to the city where you live. This can be a problem for lesser-known instruments such as the tongue drum, and if you live in a small town you may not be able to find a class to learn it. And if you can find a class since it is your only option your hand is tied in choosing the coach. And the instructor may not have the necessary training experience. Fortunately, online classes have completely solved this problem.

Tongue drum online training in Inavaz

At Inavaz Group, we have provided the conditions for you to learn any instrument you want from any city, even lesser-known instruments such as the tongue drum. Our classes are completely private and online. You can choose your teacher based on their resume and teaching experience on this page, and then you will be taken to Inavaz's private platform where sessions are held live and you can interact with your teacher, train, play, and ask your questions. At the end of the class, the recorded video of the session will be provided to you, which you can use to practice until the next session. Since you do not need to move to this class, your costs will be greatly reduced. Plus, it saves a lot of time. Also, the costs of our class are much lower than the face-to-face classes due to the way the conditions are held. However, the lessons taught and the books used in our online classes are similar to face-to-face classes. Tongue drum classes are held from beginner to advanced levels. You do not need to worry about choosing the teacher. The first session is free and has a consulting aspect. In this session, you can check how the teacher teaches and if you wish, continue your class with him.

Buying the right instrument

The tongue drum is a lesser-known instrument, so you may be confused to find the right instrument to start your classes. The price of this instrument can vary depending on the material and brand of the manufacturer, which makes the choice more difficult. You can get enough information about the right instrument from your teacher during the Inavaz counseling session. The most important brands of this instrument are Kita Pentam, Vulcan, Mehrdram, and Spiral.

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