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Pejman Fathi
 -  10/20/2021  -  Alireza Ameri Student

They have very interesting teaching, although viola is very difficult, but I can see the improvement in myself


Many times the sound we hear in the pieces or the playing we see in the movies and think is the sound of the violin, is not so and actually belongs to another instrument of this family called the viola. While the viola has many similarities with the violin, it also has fundamental differences from it in terms of shape and sound, which has made it a distinctive instrument that has its fans all over the world. In the following, we are going to introduce this instrument to you more.

Structural characteristics of the viola instrument

The viola is very similar to the violin but with a different size. The size of this instrument is a little bigger than the violin and it is 5 cm longer, because the difference in size is very small, sometimes it is difficult to separate it from the violin. Also, its sound range is lower than that of the violin, and its playing style is similar to that of the violin. In terms of sound range, this instrument has a sound between violin and cello. The body of the instrument consists of four parts: handle, strings, resonating bowl, and bow. The number of strings is the same as that of a violin, four, and since it is larger than a violin, its strings are also thicker. The resonating bowl is pear-shaped and usually made of hardwood such as ebony or rosewood. The bow is also made of horse hair. Among the most important viola players in the world, we can mention Carl Stamitz, Lionel Tertis, William Primrose, Nobuko Imai, Yuri Best, Lawrence Power, etc.

Viola training

There are two ways to learn this instrument: face-to-face classes or online classes. Face-to-face classes are classes held in music schools. In order to participate in them, you need to find a suitable music school in your place of residence. Lesser-known instruments like the viola face a major problem in this case. Because in many small towns there are no suitable training classes, and if there are, there will be no choice for their teacher, and whatever teacher you find, you should continue with the same one. Apart from this, due to the need to attend these classes, travel expenses are also added to the registration fees, and you have to consider travel time, which may be a problem if you have a busy schedule. Due to problems like this, many people prefer the newer style of instrumental training, which we will explain later.

Online viola training in Inavaz

We at Inavaz group have provided conditions so that you can study under the supervision of the best viola teachers from any city. All you need is a computer and high-speed internet. Our classes are held live and online on the dedicated Inavaz platform, where you can play the instrument and interact with your teacher. The cost of the classes is much more suitable than face-to-face classes due to the conditions of it. Because you don't need to move anywhere, as a result, your expenses are saved and you can also have more free time for yourself. At the end of the session, you will be provided with the recorded video of the class, which you can use to practice until the next session. The professors of our online classes are the same professors of face-to-face classes, the books taught are the same, and you can learn from them from beginner to advanced level. The selection of the professor is based on your taste and is done through this site. After registration, you will be given access to the dedicated platform. And the first session is held for free, where you can get to know the way your professor teaches and decide to continue the class.

Buying the right instrument

In order to buy the right instrument, we will give you enough information about the best brands and the points you should keep in mind during the purchase. The price of violas available in the market can be different depending on the wood of the body and the manufacturer's brand and sound quality. Among the most important brands of this instrument, we can mention Cecilio, DJ Strad, Stentor, Cremona, Primavera, etc.