Online Divan Course

Student Say
Shakiba Kazemi
 -  5/28/2022  -  Adnan Ahmadi Student

Master Ahmadi's class was good for me in all respects.

Mohammad Abdulahi
 -  4/5/2022  -  Adnan Ahmadi Student

Those who like divan know how rare the class of divan is.

Learning Kurdish instrument of Divan in Inavaz

The divan has long been one of the most popular traditional instruments - especially among the Kurds. This instrument, which is very similar to the tanbour, has a very pleasant sound and can be used to play different styles and pieces. If you are interested in this traditional instrument, stay tuned for more information on the structure of the instrument and its training classes.

Features of the Divan instrument

The Divan instrument is a percussion instrument and belongs to the tanbour family. In appearance, this instrument is very similar to the tanbour, except that it is larger in size. The Divan instrument, like other instruments in this group, consists of three main parts: a resonant bowl, handle, and strings. They make Divan instruments in different sizes. Its small size is called Jora, its medium size is called Baghlama and its large size is called the instrument of Divan. This instrument has 24 curtains that can be moved. The number of strings is nine or seven. The order of the strings in the nine-string instrument is three sets of triplets and in the seven-string instrument is 2-3-2. The resonant bowl of the Divan has a relatively large diameter of about 35 mm. The instrument is also played with a plastic percussion instrument and the middle finger must be placed on the resonant bowl when you are playing it. The most important Divan musicians are Shavanparvar, Ardal Arzanjan, Orhan Ganjehbai, and Diar Darsim. This instrument is especially popular among the Kurds and has many famous players in Turkish Kurdistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iranian Kurdistan, and Syrian Kurdistan.

Divan learning

If you are interested in learning the Divan instrument, you can participate in these instrument training classes that are held both in-person and online. If you want to attend the face-to-face classes for this instrument, you will have some difficulties. Aside from the fact that Divan classes are very rare and may not exist in your area, these classes have their own problems that make them difficult to attend. At first, attending face-to-face classes requires relocation and commuting, which can be difficult for many people, especially employees or students. Apart from this, travel requires money and time, which is another problem of face-to-face classes. Learning in these classes can be very volatile and you may forget the lessons and tips that the teacher teaches you. In the case of the Divan instrument, the scarcity of face-to-face classes can limit your choice of the teacher or affect class costs. But is there a more effective and less costly way to learn the Divan instrument?

Divan online training in Inavaz

One way to avoid the problems of face-to-face instruction classes is to attend online classes. In the Inavaz group, we have gathered the best divan teachers so that you can have a different experience of learning this instrument. Our online classes have many advantages over face-to-face classes. First of all, you do not need to travel to participate in them, which means you can save time and money. You also have the chance to learn this instrument at home on your own private platform at any time you can. At the end of the sessions, you will also be given a recorded video of the class, which you can use during the week and practice. Inavaz Divan training classes are completely similar to face-to-face classes in terms of training courses and professors. In these classes, you can interact live with your teacher and ask questions. This is not the case with training CDs. The cost of attending our classes varies depending on the teacher's experience and is all very cost-effective. If you are interested in participating in these classes, you can choose your teacher on the site and register here. You have the chance to choose the teacher. The first session is also free for you, where you can get acquainted with your teacher's teaching method and decide whether to continue the class or not.

Buying a Divan instrument

To participate in our classes in Inavaz, you need to buy a suitable instrument. The quality of the instrument has a great impact on the quality of education and therefore must be done carefully. There are several brands of Divan instruments in the market, the most famous of which are sazmuzik, Honareh, Ghafoor, and Yilmaz. The price of the Divan can also vary depending on the manufacturer's brand and body material. In the free initial session at Inavaz, you can get advice from your teacher about buying the right instrument so that you can buy the best instrument to start with and the price will be affordable for you.