Online Persian Dotar Course

Student Say
Reza Azhand
 -  10/31/2023  -  Azam Kargar Fallah Student

I spent a lot of time learning Dotar, but they never taught me this well, but Professor Falah teaches me very well and carefully. I thank him very much.

Vahid Massah
 -  9/12/2023  -  Azam Kargar Fallah Student

Extremely great performances on youtube.\n


Our country's instruments have a wide range and are placed in different ranges. One of the categories that have a wide variety of Iranian instruments is the category of wound string instruments. The instruments of this group have a very pleasant sound. One of the most famous instruments in this category is the Dotar. The Dotar instrument, which plays an important role in traditional Iranian music, has many fans not only in our country but also all over the world. If you are also interested in learning this instrument, stay tuned for the rest of the article.

Dotar Structure

As mentioned above, the dotar instrument is a wound string instrument and consists of three main parts: the handle, the strings, and the resonant bowl. The resonant bowl is pear-shaped. The body is made of a combination of lime, apricot, or walnut wood. The threads are made of silk. The length of the handle is about 60 cm. They do not use Mezrab to play the dotar and it is played with nails. In some parts of the country including northern Khorasan cities such as Quchan, Bojnourd, Shirvan, Esfarayen, Farouj, Dargaz, Ashkhaneh, southern and eastern cities of Khorasan such as Torbat Jam, Taybad, Torbat Heydariyeh, Neishabour, Ferdows, Birjand, Bajestan, Bardaskan, Ghaenat, Kashmar, Bakhrez, Khaf, Sarakhs, Gonabad and Sabzevar and the Turkmen cities of Golestan province and Aliabad Katoul and cities of Mazandaran province, Dotar has more fans and is used in the local music of these areas. Among the most famous Iranian dotar players, we can mention Seyyed Jalaluddin Ashtiani, Ahmad Gholi Ahmadi, Ismail Sattarzadeh, Mohammad Ismailzadeh, Ashour Goldi Barzin, Ali Asghar Bayani, Zolfaghar Bitaneh, Gholam Ali Pourataei, Tahmours Pournazeri and ...

The best dotar training class

If you are interested in learning this good-sounding instrument, you have two options: either attend face-to-face classes or take online classes. Face-to-face classes are an older way of teaching. To attend these classes, you must first find a suitable educational institution in your area. This can limit you, especially if you live in a small town. The chosen class should also be close to where you live because it affects the cost and time of travel. In fact, this commute can be considered the main problem of attending classes in person. Attendance classes have very little flexibility. Class hours are limited and due to the conditions of their classes, the lessons can be forgotten. In addition, you may be deprived of education if you are unable to attend classes or change your place of residence for any reason. But there is a simple solution to this problem, which we will explain in more detail below.

Dotar online training in Inavaz

At Inavaz Institute, we provide you with Dotar online training. The best professors from all over Iran have come together in our group and you can be sure that you will be trained in the best possible way. The lessons and books taught in these sessions are very similar to face-to-face classes. Its professors also share face-to-face classes and all of them have many years of experience in this field. Classes are held in completely private conditions on the Inavaz platform and live, where you can interact with the teacher, and play an instrument for him. At the end of the class, you will be given a recorded video of the session, which you can watch until the next one and practice at home. Since you do not need to travel to attend these classes, not only does it take less time for you, but as the cost of transportation is reduced, the cost of the class as a whole is reduced. Due to the special conditions of these classes, the cost of enrolling in them is much lower than in face-to-face classes. You can attend these classes from any city and be under the supervision of the best teachers. How to choose a teacher depends on your taste and you can do it through this site. The first session is free, in which you will not only get acquainted with the method of training your teacher, but you can also get the necessary advice on buying the right instrument from him and decide on the continuation of the class. The resume and the cost of attending each teacher's class are written on a page dedicated to him/her.

Buying the right instrument

Buying an instrument is difficult, especially when you are new. You need the opinion of experts in this field so as not to incur financial losses. Like any other instrument, Dotar has different brands such as Domehr, Akbari, Heydari, etc., and its price can vary depending on the body material and the manufacturer. In addition, the dotar instrument can have a different structure depending on the region. For example, there are differences between the Turkmen dotar and the Khorasan dotar that must be considered. In the free Inavaz counseling session, you can ask your instructor about the characteristics of a suitable instrument for starting a class