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While the piano is one of the most famous instruments in the world, due to the high cost of the instrument and the high cost of its training classes compared to other instruments, many people are deprived of its training. So they may go for similar suggested options like a keyboard. However, there are people who are interested in the sound of this instrument and the range of sounds it produces. The keyboard instrument is one of the most famous and pervasive instruments in the world that can imitate the sound of many other instruments. If you are also interested in this instrument, stay with us to get acquainted with its structure and know where its best training class is.

Keyboard structure

The keyboard instrument is very similar in appearance to the piano and organ instruments. In general, keyboards are in the group of thumb instruments. The keys of this instrument are placed in a certain order that can produce a wide range of sounds. In terms of the number of keys, this instrument is divided into three groups of 61, 76, and 88 keys. In another classification, they are also divided into light, medium and heavy types. The keyboard instrument is an electric instrument and there are clear differences in how it produces sound from the organ and piano instrument, which we will explain below. This instrument has an internal memory that allows you to record sound or play various songs with flash memory. This instrument has the ability to connect to a computer, speakers, microphone, etc. Also, screen light, rhythm speed, rhythm editing, sound making, step adjustment, sound recording, and many other features are available in this instrument, which is due to its electricity.

Differences between keyboard, org, and piano

Although these instruments look almost the same, their sounds are different. In the org, the sound is produced by pressing keys. This moves the air pressure in the instrument tubes and creates a sound. In a piano instrument, the keys of the instrument are lifted due to the pressure and hit on the strings, which creates a sound. But in the keyboard instrument, the situation is completely different. The keyboard is an electric instrument in which sounds and melodies are saved in its memory, and the sound produced is generated electrically by pressing keys. When a key is pressed on the keyboard instrument, the sound is transmitted to the speakers.

The most suitable method for training a keyboard

There are several ways to learn the keyboard, and the good news is that it is much easier to learn than similar instruments such as the piano. You can learn it both in-person and online. For face-to-face classes, it is necessary to find a suitable school for learning. This school should be close to where you live in the first place. Because the farther you go, the more you pay for travel and the more time you need. Besides, you must have a suitable teacher for keyboard training who has a good experience in the field of education. Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it's time to start a project. Moving to class can be time-consuming and interfere with your daily routine. In addition, you are limited to your local educators, which creates a lot of problems for people living in smaller cities and prevents them from being supervised by experienced instructors. Your solution is to attend online music and education classes.

Online keyboard training in Inavaz

In the Inavaz group, we offer you the best keyboard training classes. You do not need to move to attend our classes and you can attend them from anywhere. Aside from the fact that this eliminates travel costs in the first place and gives you more time, you can even attend your training class while traveling. Inavaz keyboard classes are held live on a private platform where you can interact with your teacher. At the end of the classes, you will be provided with a recorded video of the session, which you can practice until the next session. The selection of teachers is chosen by you on the site and based on the cost of the class, the teacher's educational background, and the time of the classes. The first session is held for free, in which you can get acquainted with the teacher's training method and even get advice from him on buying the right instrument.

Buying the right instrument

Buying a keyboard requires prior knowledge. You need to know which brand is more appropriate to get started. The price of the instruments available in the market varies depending on the body material, the number of keys, and the manufacturer's brand. You can get the necessary information about buying the right instrument in the consultation session. The most important keyboard brands in the market are Yamaha, Craig, Casio, etc.