Online Persian Piano Course

Student Say
Sanaz from Batumi
 -   -  Milad Jafarnezhad Student

Wow, what can I say about this dear and beloved teacher, who teaches me piano with so much passion, I love you so much, dear teacher, I love you, Nawaz group.

Babak from Australia
 -  10/4/2023  -  Milad Jafarnezhad Student

Aziz Jafarnjad's Iranian piano class was very, very excellent and I am very happy that I was able to achieve my desired result in a short time and by spending less money.

Shida from America
 -  10/4/2023  -  Ali Shojaifard Student

I am very grateful to the learned professor Shojaei Fard Aziz for his very good teaching and to the very polite Nawaz group for their patience.

 -  5/25/2023  -  Ali Shojaifard Student


Sadegh Tohidfar
 -  5/28/2022  -  Ali Shojaifard Student

I participated in the beginner's course of Ostad Shojaei, the debugging is done very well.

Hamid Haq Taal
 -  4/10/2022  -  Ali Shojaifard Student

I used to have a private tutor, but Corona made me fall behind.

Persian piano training

If you enjoy listening to Iranian songs and are looking to play them with the piano, then join Inavaz. Many people like the tone and atmosphere of Iranian songs and try to perform such songs with the piano. Iranian piano training is a style that a pianist can choose according to his/her interests. In this style, you will get acquainted with different techniques for playing Iranian pieces. Playing Persian piano songs is very pleasant for a person. If you also dream of playing Iranian piano, do not miss our class. Modulation, trail, ornament, and leaning techniques are widely used in Iranian piano Learning piano is a long process, but students and teachers can enjoy it by learning simple Iranian pieces.

Persian piano class

If you have passed the beginner courses and know the principles of playing the piano and like to play Iranian songs with a piano beautifully, you can attend the Inavaz Persian piano training class. The basic principles of playing the piano are the same in all styles, whether in Iranian or classical. But the lessons that will be taught to you in the Persian piano class include a series of techniques for performing Iranian pieces with the piano and playing the piano with the tone and resonance of an Iranian song. A student who knows the basics of piano well can better attend this class and enjoy Iranian piano lessons.

Persian piano online training

Attending Iranian piano online training class will save you time and money. Wherever you are, you can access prominent Iranian piano teachers through online classes. The type of and the quality teaching in our online classes are unique, you will receive the recorded file of the training in each session. In fact, with the minimum cost and time, you can realize your dream of playing the piano.