Online Persian Violin Course

Student Say
Ali from Austria
 -  10/31/2023  -  Rozhan Mohammadi Student

Being Iranian should be preserved. I also want to preserve it by learning the Iranian violin and an Iranian teacher. Thank you, Professor Mohammadi. Your teachings are wonderful. I use them a lot.

Arshiya Azatrish
 -  10/31/2023  -  Sam Karimi Student

Although the violin is a difficult instrument, but I have improved a lot with the teaching of dear teacher Karimi, with his excellent methods of teaching this instrument, I am grateful to him.

Persian violin, a beautiful and different style of playing a European instrument


Violin training

It is true that the violin is not an Iranian instrument, but the Iranians have been able to create a very beautiful style from playing it. Iranian violin is very good-sounding and has its own fans all over Iran and even in the world. Great musicians work in this style and you must have heard their different works until today. If you are interested in learning this style of music, stay tuned for the rest of the article.

Features of violin

To learn Iranian violin, you need an ordinary violin instrument. As you know, the violin is a stringed and bowed instrument designed by the Europeans, however, many people consider this instrument to be a complement to the Robab instrument. The design of this instrument is relatively complex and consists of different parts. However, the most important of them are resonant boxes, bows, strings, handles, and so on. With a violin instrument, you can play a variety of songs, but in the classes held in our country, the focus is on two styles of Iranian violin and classical violin, which we will explain more about the characteristics of each in the following.

What is the Iranian violin?

Traditional and classical Iranian violins are different. For example, in the classical style, the tuning is always fixed, but in the Iranian style, different tunes are used. In classical style, the violin is always played with other instruments, and in most cases with the piano. While the Iranian violin solo is more famous, different tunings are used to compensate for the other sounds and ease of fingering. In the Iranian violin training class, books such as the Ruhollah Khaleghi Iranian violin training book and the Radif Saba violin book are used. These books focus on introducing different Iranian musical instruments, the corners of the instruments, teaching Iranian violin tuning, and smoothing the fingers. The important question is which one is better, Iranian or classical violin? As many students say, Iranian violin is more difficult to learn than classical and the student should get acquainted with the classical style first. Among the most important Iranian violinists, we can mention Habiba Allah Khaleghi, Parviz and Hossein Yahaghi, Abolhassan Saba, Mehdi Khaledi, Ali Tajvidi, Assadollah Malek, etc., who have played a variety of happy Iranian violin songs.

In-person or online training of Iranian violin

Iranian violin training class is held both in-person and online. There are always difficulties in face-to-face classes that may discourage the student from continuing on the path. These classes require relocation, which takes a lot of your time, especially if you live in a crowded city, and relocation itself requires a fee that you have to pay in addition to the class registration fee. In addition, it is always difficult to find the right school and teacher near your home. This is where attending an online class may seem like a more logical option, one that you do not need to relocate to and can be trained from home. Its lessons are like face-to-face lessons. And in it, you can communicate with your teacher too. Also, the final training costs will be lower for you due to the elimination of transportation costs.

Persian violin training in Inavaz

If you are interested in the Iranian and traditional style of violin, we in the Inavaz group hold the best classes of this style under the supervision of professional professors. Our classes are no different from face-to-face classes in terms of courses. Apart from these, our online classes are held live and are not recorded videos. As a result, you can interact with your teacher, play the instrument for him, and he will catch your bugs. Finally, after the end of the class, you will be given the recorded video of that session, which you can practice at home until the next session. These classes are held completely privately and from beginner to advanced. Inavaz Iranian violin teachers are very experienced and skilled in this style who have years of experience in teaching. You can choose the professor you want on our site and find out the tariffs for their classes. There is a free counseling session for students in which they can not only get acquainted with their teacher's teaching style but also get advice on buying the right instrument.