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  • حسین محمدی  -  1401/03/04  -  هنرجوی استاد علیرضا میرخسروی

    مدتیه که در کلاسهای استاد میرخسروی شرکت میکنم. فضای کلاس بسیار برای آموزش مناسبه. خیلی اول در انخاب کلاس آنلاین شک داشتم و میترسیدم نتونم یاد بگیرم. اما تفاوتی با کلاس های حضوری نداره. همون کتابهای کلاس های حضوری توش کار میشه. روند و سرعت کلاس هم کاملاً قابل قبوله. حتما به همین روش ادامه می دهم چون خیلی توی وقتم هم صرفه جویی میشه.

  • ترانه مهدوی  -  1401/01/19  -  هنرجوی استاد علیرضا میرخسروی

    واقعاً چقدر خوشحالم که توی کلاس‌های آموزش استاد میرخسروی شرکت کردم. من قبلاً یک بار برای آموزش تنبور حضوری اقدام کرده بودم ولی متاسفانه استادی که توی منطقه‌مون پیدا کرده بودم اصلاً خوب آموزش نمی‌داد. جو کلاس هم طوری بود که نمیتونستم سوالاتمو بپرسم. دوره رو نصفه ول کردم. اما دوره استاد میرخسروی واقعاً نظرمو عوض کرد. نزدیک بود ساز را کامل کنار بذارم فکر میکردم اصلاً استعدادشو ندارم. ولی متوجه شدم که استاد خوبی انتخاب نکرده بودم. واقعاً این کلاسهای آنلاین یه فرصت خیلی خوبن برای افرادی مثل من که به استادهای خوبی توی شهرشون دسترسی ندارند. ممنونم از استاد میرخسروی و تیم آی نواز

  • احمدیان  -  1400/02/14  -  هنرجوی استاد علیرضا میرخسروی

    با سلام از همه عزیزانی که این سایت را تهیه کرده آمد بسیار سپاسگزارم. شیوه تدریس و بیان استاد میرخسروی ستودنیست . برای ایشان عزت و سربلندی آرزو میکنم

  • Teaching tanbur in a new and enjoyable way with Inavaz online classes


    Play the tanbur

    There are many traditional instruments in Iran that have many fans not only in our country but all over the world. One of these popular instruments is the tanbur. A spiritual and mystical instrument that dates back to 2000 BC! It is the oldest wound stringed instrument in the world and has been mentioned in many historical books and articles. If you are interested in this good sounding instrument and want to learn more about it and tanbur training classes, stay tuned for the rest of this article.

    Introducing the tanbur instrument

    The persian tanbur is a wound string instrument that consists of three general parts: the handle, the resonant bowl, and the strings. The handle of the tanbur is very tall (about 70 to 80 cm) and its resonant bowl is made of several pieces. How many strings does the tanbur instrument have? In the past, tanbur had two strings, but today this number has increased to three. There are two main tunes for the tanbur: the seven-handed tuning and the five-handed persian tanbur tuning. Unlike many stringed instruments, tanbur is played without artificial percussion and with four fingers. The album Sedaye Sokhane Eshgh by Shahram Nazeri is the first album to officially introduce this instrument. Famous persian tanbur players include tanbur master Sohrab Pournazeri, Assadollah Farmani, Seyyed Ali Jaberi, Amir Hayati, Seyyed Arash Shahriari, etc.

    Selecting the persian tanbur class

    If you like the sound of the tanbur and you are looking for a class to learn it, you have two options: face-to-face classes and online classes. Tanbur classes are probably the first option that comes to mind. But are they also the best option? Face to face tanbur classes are problematic in the following ways: 1. You need to consider their location and distance from where you live. Because you have to commute to and from class, there must be a reasonable distance between them. 2. Face-to-face classes are held at specific times of the day and night, and if you are employed or a student, they may interfere with your class or work time. 3. Attendance classes will ultimately cost you more because you have to add travel expenses. This transfer will take more time too. 4. In face-to-face classes, the possibility of choosing a teacher is rare.

    But online classes have completely solved these problems.

    Why online tanbur classes are a better option? Teaching beginner and advanced tanbur online is far better than face to face classes: 1- In the first place, you can easily coordinate them with your free time. 2- You do not need to move and travel, and this means you save money and time. 3- You can participate in these classes from any situation and city. Apart from that, the way online classes are held is no different from face-to-face classes. For example, you can still communicate with the coach, ask him questions, and he will take your problems. Also, the lessons offered in these courses are no different from face-to-face ones. In fact, online tanbur training classes can be just as effective as face-to-face classes, provided you choose the right school for the job.

    Inavaz, a new way to learn music

    At Inavaz, we offer the best online beginner to advanced tanbur training classes for interested students. Our classes are held under the supervision of the best tanbur teachers in Iran, which makes you professional players. With our online classes, you can get basic tanbur training in a new way. These sessions are held live and you can talk to your teacher during the session and play the instrument. Better yet, after the end of the session, you will be given a recorded video of the class, which you can watch over and over again until the next session, and at the end of the course, you will have a complete set of them. At Inavaz, we have provided the conditions that, in addition to choosing the time of the tanbur training class, you can also choose the professors you want. In the free counseling session that is held for you at the beginning of the course, you can get acquainted with the teaching method of the teacher. If you want to participate in tanbur Inavaz online classes, you can find out the price of them in the tariffs section, and if you have any questions about the registration conditions, contact our experts.

    Buying a professional tanbur

    To start a tanbur class, you must first look for the right instrument. At our free counseling session at the beginning of the course, the instructor can give you the necessary advice on buying the right tanbur. In general, the price of a tanbur depends on factors such as the type of wood and the brand of its manufacturer. One of the most important brands of tanbur is Gahvare tanbur (Assadollah Gahvare tanbur), Barakhani tanbur, Razavi tanbur, Mafakheri tanbur, Akbari tanbur, and ... With a little searching, it is possible to buy a cheap and quality tanbur for you.