Online Persian Foley Course

Student Say
Soha Abdullahpour
 -  5/25/2022  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

I am grateful to Professor Sharifi.

Shahroz Rafi
 -  3/30/2022  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

If you want to be a good singer, you must take the voice production course.

Sound production

A good voice is not the only thing you need to sing. You have to train your voice. Your voice needs to be matured and you need to learn some skills. One of these essential skills is sound production. To become a professional singer, you need to know more about this skill, so stay tuned.

What is sound production and why do you need it

Simply put, it improves the quality of your voice. In the exercises used in sound production, the muscles involved in the production of sound in the larynx will become strengthened. When these muscles are trained, you will have a better voice and as a result, you can be a more successful singer. In sound production, skills such as sound flexibility, muscular coordination in the sound system, and endurance and power of sound are employed. Apart from better sound, these techniques also ensure the health of your audio system. While many beginners think they do not need this exercise and their voice is good enough, it is these exercises that separate a good singer from a beginner. Why you need to have sound production skills from the beginning and before you start your professional singing:
1. It prevents the formation of wrong voice habits and as a result, the work becomes easier for you.
2. You get your original and special voice.
3. You will learn to take care of the laryngeal muscles and thus maintain sound health as the singer's first asset.
4. Increases the number of lower and higher sounds in and extends the range of sound.
5. The pronunciation of words is modified in this way.

How to learn sound production

Now that you know the importance of this technique, the important question is how you can learn it. There are two general ways to do this: Attend face-to-face or online classes. Face-to-face sound production classes are very similar to instrumental music classes. You must first find the right school for the job. In the first place, you should keep in mind that the school should not be far from your home. This will increase your costs, as well as increase travel time, which will make it difficult for employees or students to attend classes. Sound production is a very special class and you may not be able to find it in your hometown. Especially if you live in small towns. This lack of classes makes it impossible for you to choose your teacher very easily and be limited to the same professors available to you. As the name implies, your attendance at these classes is essential, and if you have a busy schedule, you may not be able to coordinate your schedules and miss class. However, do not worry, there is another class for you and that is online classes.

Online sound production in Inavaz

In the Inavaz group, we have made the educational conditions much easier for those who are interested in singing by holding online sound production classes. Our online classes are very similar to face-to-face classes. The tutorials are exactly the same and use the same methods. Even online classroom teachers are the same as face-to-face classroom teachers. The only difference is that you do not need to move to participate in them and you can attend these classes from home and from wherever you want. This helps students and employees to have no problems attending classes and to be able to easily complete their training from beginner to advanced. Because you do not need to relocate, your class attendance costs will be reduced. You also do not have to live in a big city and you can enroll in our sound classes from any city. Classes are held on Inavaz's private platform. You can interact with your teacher during the session, ask questions and receive your training. Finally, you will be provided with a recorded video of the class that you can practice with until the next session. You can choose the teacher you want through this site based on the resume and the cost of the class. The first session is held for free and in it, you can get acquainted with how the teacher teaches and decide to continue the class. The cost of online classes is also much more appropriate than face-to-face classes due to the conditions of them.