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سمانه تربتی  -  1401/03/04  -  Milad Jafarnezhad Student

همیشه فکر میکردم واسه خوانندگی فقط باید یه صدای خوب داشت اما حالا فهمیدم که خیلی اصولی تر از چیزیه که به نظر میاد. کلاس سلفژ استاد خیلی برایم خوب بود. الان واقعاً دارم جدیتر دنبال علاقه م میرم.

هانیه حمیدی  -  1401/01/07  -  Milad Jafarnezhad Student

اگه میخواهیم یه خواننده ی خوب بشین حتماً باید کلاس سلفژ استاد جعفرنژآد رو بگذرونین. خیلی اصولی و با حوصله درس میدن. من واقعاً از کلاسشون خیلی چیزها یاد گرفتم. الان که دوره ام تموم شده توی نت خونی هیچ اشکالی ندارم.

اسف عابد  -  1400/03/13  -  Arshameh Tafteh Student

بسیار با علم و اطلاعات هستند ، حقا که دانشگاه تهرانی بودند ، خیلی با دقت تمام نکات رو توضیح میدهند و کلی مطالب جانبی آموزشی هم برای پوشش کلاسهای آنلاین استفاده می کنند ممنون

مهزیار  -  1400/02/12  -  Mehran Ghasemi Student

برای افرادی با موسیقی و آواز در ارتباطن کلاس سلفژ واقعا دوره پایه ای و درک موسیقی فرد رو کاملا بالا میبره ممنونم به خاطر کلاسهای بسیار خوبتون

What is Solfege and why do you need to learn it?

If you are interested in singing or playing, you must have heard that you should learn a skill called Solfege. However, many of you may not be familiar with this important technique and may not know how it can help you. How essential is this technique and where can you learn it? Follow us to answer these questions.

What is Solfege?

Solfege is a special note-reading skill that allows you to read and play notes you have never seen before. In addition to reading the notes, this technique also includes the skill of reading the notes one after the other and knowing the rules related to the silence during the reading of the notes. If you are planning to become a singer, learning this skill is very important for you, because you will be taught to read each note at its own frequency and not to make pauses and mistakes while reading. But that does not mean that you do not need this skill as a musician. In music, Solfege can help you become a professional musician and play new notes correctly and beautifully. So if you want to become a professional in music, teaching Solfege is a must.

What do you learn in Solfege?

Solfege training can be divided into three main sections:
• Sound perception: In this section, you will get acquainted with different types of weights and rhythmic patterns. Eventually, you will find the ability to read the sound of each note exactly as it is.
• Weight reading: The study of different weights and rhythmic patterns in weight reading is done. In this section, you will learn how to stretch the notes.
• Music Dictation: In this section, dictation and rhythm exercises are performed alternately. At the end of this course, you will learn how to write down the notes you hear.
The final stage of Solfege is the stage in which you become acquainted with a variety of human voices, which fall into six general categories, including soprano, Metso soprano, alto counter, tenor, baritone, and bass.

The best way to learn Solfege

How can this golden skill be taught? Like learning musical instruments and singing classes, you can learn Solfege both in-person and online. Face-to-face classes are, of course, an older form of learning this technique. In this way, you have to find the class in your area and enroll in it. This can be difficult for people living in small towns. Apart from this, face-to-face classes need to travel in classrooms, which can be time-consuming and costly. Also, employed people and students may not have enough time to travel and attend these classes. This is where attending online classes can be very helpful. You do not need to relocate for them. Therefore, you can attend these classes from any city. It also saves you time and money. By choosing online classes, you will get out of your area, and even if you live in the smallest city, you can still study under the supervision of the best and most famous professors. Therefore, it seems that attending these classes is a much better option. But the important question is: where is the best online Solfege training class?

Online training of Solfege in Inavaz

In the Inavaz group, in addition to holding the most complete collection of musical instruments classes, we also offer the best online Solfege classes in Iran. In our Solfege classes, which are held live and privately on the dedicated platform of the Inavaz site, you can learn all the Solfege lessons and topics in the face-to-face classes at home and online. Our professors are all veteran Solfege professors who have many years of experience in the field of music or singing. In our online classes, you can interact with your teacher and ask questions, and in this respect, they are no different from face-to-face classes. Also, at the end of the session, the recorded video of the class will be provided for download, which you can use during the training week, and at the end of the course, you will have a complete and practical training set. You can view the history and cost of attending the classes of Inavaz Solfege professors on this site and choose the professor you want. The first session is free counseling, in which you can get acquainted with your teacher's teaching style and decide to continue the class. If you want to become a professional singer or musician, do not hesitate to attend our Solfege classes and register now.