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Student Say
سیدمحمودحسینی  -  1401/03/12  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

سلام استاد من پنجاه سالمه .‌‌آوازعلاقه دارم. میتونم شروع کنم به آموزش؟

 -  1401/03/12  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student


سمیه جعفرنژآد  -  1401/03/07  -  Soror Tavakoli Student

صدای سرور جون فوق العاده ست. من واقعاً خوشحالم دارم زیر نظر ایشون آموزش میبینم. خیلی دوست دارم بلاخره دوره م تموم شه و بتونم مثل ایشون بخونم.

علی حکیمی  -  1401/03/04  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

از قبل با استاد توکلی آشنا بودم اما نمیدونستم کلاس آنلاین دارن. واقعاً برای سازها رو نمیدونم اما واسه آواز اصلا دیگه دنبال کلاس حضوری نباشین. کلاس آنلاین واقعاً خیلی راحتتره. هم هزینه ش پایینتره هم لازم نیست جا به جا شین. درسها عین همون کلاس حضوریه. اصلا هیچ مشکلی ندارم با کلاس.

حدیثه  -  1401/01/21  -  Soror Tavakoli Student

خوش صدا بودن کافی نیست واقعاً. از وقتی پیش استاد توکلی آموزش میبینم تازه فهمیدم چقدر توی خوندن مشکل داشتم. الان خیلی کنترل بهتری روی صدام دارم. آواز رو دارم اصولی دنبال میکنم. از زحمات ایشون بسیار ممنونم.

رضا باقری  -  1401/01/12  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

واقعاً از کلاس راضیم. صدام از قبل و بعد کلاس خیلی عوض شده قشنگ می دونم چطور کنترلش کنم. از استاد توکلی بسیار ممنونم. دوره ی ایشون برای من یه تغییر بزرگ بود.

 -  1401/01/05  -  Soror Tavakoli Student

معلمی کاربلد و خواننده ای بی نظیر

زهرا  -  1400/08/12  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

خیلییی خیلی استاد خوبند. من خیلی دوسشون دارم ، کلی خوندنم تغییر کرده ، مرسی از استاد توکلی

سحر مهدوست  -  1400/02/24  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

فقط چند روزه توی کلاسهای آقای توکلی شرکت میکنم ، خیلییی راضی هستم صدای گرم و گیرا شفافی دارند ، خیلی خوشخالم که با ایشون شروع کردم

Teaching traditional singing from beginner to advanced, under the supervision of the best teachers


Beautiful Iranian song and global popularity

Singing and music have had a very special place in Iran for a long time. Apart from the many musical instruments whose history dates back to Iran, traditional Iranian singing has also grown alongside it and has produced many singers. Traditional Iranian singing itself is divided into many different branches and is very widespread and popular in society. Many people who are talented in singing are interested in learning the traditional style, so in the following, we are going to explain more about this style and tell you how you can learn it.

Traditional singing from the past to the present

Iranian or traditional singing is composed of different instruments and songs. The history of this style dates back to before the birth of Christ and its spread is not limited to Iran and has affected many parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, and Greece. Traditional singing is performed on different instruments (7 instruments) and singers of this style can sing on any of these instruments. Among the ancient singers of this style, we can mention Barbad, Nakisa, and Ramtin, and from today's singers, we can mention Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Shahram Nazeri, Homayoun Shajarian, Parvaz Homay, and so on.

What goes on in a traditional singing class?

If you are interested in this style of singing and have a talent for that, perhaps one of the first questions that comes to your mind is: What will you be taught in the singing class? Fortunately, traditional singing classes are held in different ways, in which you will get acquainted with Iranian music and song, and you will learn the names of the instruments and their classification, and the terms of this style of singing. Then you will focus on your listening training and reading notes to get to the desired level. Then you move on to singing simple compositions and get acquainted with the atmosphere of music and instruments, learn the simple and original corners, and gradually get acquainted with the intricacies and subtleties of traditional Iranian song, and you will also learn the basics of improvisation. This class will continue until you gain complete control over your voice.

How to become a traditional singer?

To be able to become a traditional singer, you must enroll in a traditional singing class. These classes, like other training classes, can be held in the form of face-to-face and online. In the Iranian traditional singing classes that are held in person, you have to go to the school to attend your class session. The first step in attending traditional Iranian singing classes is to choose the right school and teacher, which may not be possible where you live. So in this situation, you have two options, either to completely abandon the idea of learning traditional singing or to move a long distance, which requires a lot of time and money. Other than that, you may not be able to learn all the tips in your traditional singing session because it is short. These problems can interfere with your learning process. So we have a better way for you.

Inavaz online traditional singing class

At Inavaz Group, we offer different styles of singing training classes. In our classes, you can be trained from home without any relocation, which means you can save on transportation and time. In the online traditional singing class in Inavaz, after the end of the class, you will be given a video recording of that session that you can watch and practice at home between the two sessions. In addition, Inavaz traditional singing lessons are no different from face-to-face ones, and the sessions are completely live, and you can be in touch with your teacher. You also have the chance to choose from our professional and outstanding masters who have been teaching traditional singing for years. In addition, the good news for women who are interested in learning traditional singing is that an online women's singing class is also held at our institute. In the women's singing class, you will be taught according to the gender and type of feminine voice. If you want to participate in our online classes, you can find out their prices from the tariffs section and register for them through this site.


Singing has been very popular in Iran since ancient times. It is a type of music that is performed without an instrument. Singing is one of the Iranian's ancient traditions and many regions in the country have kept their traditional songs alive.

Persian Singing Lesson

Singing class allows you to cultivate your voice and increase its volume. In these classes, you will learn techniques from beginner to advanced. Traditional singing education in Iran has been very popular, especially among Iranian women. If you are good-sounding or interested in singing, we suggest that you do not miss the Inavaz singing instruction and enjoy your pleasant sound by participating in these classes. Since there is no supervisor in the training packages to correct your problems and guide you, they won’t end well. If you want to learn singing, we offer you our online singing classes.

Online persian singing lesson

Develop your voice with an online singing class. Enjoy singing. Traditional women's singing training has always been in demand by dear Iranian women, at Inavaz we have made it possible for you to benefit from online Iranian singing classes from all over the world, regardless of distance. If you are a beginner student, you can participate in the Inavaz step-by-step singing training course.

Online traditional singing class

In the online traditional singing class, you will be taught the techniques of sound production, sound development, and sound amplitude. You can sing your favorite pieces and songs based on your level. By participating in our traditional singing classes, you can learn the basics of singing without any restrictions on your geographical location.

Singing class price

The cost of Inavaz singing classes is listed at the top of the page. By participating in online classes, you will pay less than face-to-face singing classes, and considering that Inavaz singing lessons are online and you are interacting with your teacher. And the master accompanies you step by step in singing.