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Konkur competition is a breathtaking competition and you determine your career destiny during this exam. One of the most important courses in the field of art, especially when you want to get a good rank in sub-group no.5 of this field, is the music creativity course. Especially if you want to study music or composition at university. If you are planning to take the art konkur and you don't know where to start studying this lesson, we have a safe and guaranteed way for you.

Music creativity lesson in konkur

20 questions have been allocated to the music creativity lesson in the art konkur. Unfortunately, many people think that the answers to the questions in this section are only for people who want to participate in the field of music or composition, while the high rate in this section can affect your overall rank. The questions asked in this lesson are divided into three general groups: • Music theory: they are more specialized questions. Of course, it is easier for people who have experience playing the instrument to answer these questions because they are more familiar with the definitions. The questions in this section include the basic definitions of sound, carrier lines, and keys, notation, curtain and semi-curtain, intervals, pitch, chord, and harmony. Instrumentation: It includes Iranian, world, and classical instrumentation, which has 3 or 4 questions. • History of music: For the questions in this section, there is no specific source, and most candidates use educational aid resources. The coefficient of the musical creativity course in the art entrance examination is equal to one in the first to fourth subgroups and 4 in the fifth subgroup. Since the opportunity to study for the konkur exam can be very limited, knowing which sections are so-called more test-friendly will greatly help increase your percentage. Maybe you can get a general view by looking at the questions of the previous konkur exams, but using this method is not always successful. Also, sections like music theory can seem difficult and elusive, especially when you have no practical background in music.

Why is Konkur music important?

Some people think that because the music coefficient is low in most subgroups, it does not matter. In the past years, many candidates have even had a negative percentage in their results. Therefore, if you focus more on this lesson, your rank will change to a great extent, considering the low average among other candidates. On the other hand, it is difficult to study for this part because the exam resources are announced every year by the assessment organization and because there are not enough resources in the theory parts of this course, you may have to refer to the aid books for a more detailed study. But you don't know what the right book is and you will waste your time on the wrong books. We have a reliable method that you can have a correct and targeted study.

Training in konkur music

You have two ways to strengthen your skills in the music creativity course for Konkur: attending face-to-face classes or online classes. Face-to-face classes are like other Konkur educational assistance classes, which are held in two modes, private and public. You need to find a suitable school near your home for these classes. Unfortunately, many small towns do not have konkur music classes. Because the number of candidates does not reach the quorum, and therefore you may have to travel to other cities to participate in the appropriate class, which means wasting valuable time that you can spend on studying and travel expenses. In addition, most of these classes are held in public, and as a result, the professor cannot focus specifically on you. If you want to participate in private classes, the registration fee will increase and you may not be able to pay. Therefore, it seems that the next option, which is to participate in online classes, can be a more effective one.

Participating in the konkur music classes in Inavaz

Our konkur music classes at InaVaz are held privately at both undergraduate and graduate levels. You don't need to move to participate in these classes and you can participate in them from any city. Although the class is held privately and live, the cost of participating in them is much lower than face-to-face and private classes, in addition, transportation costs are also deducted. Our music teachers in Inavaz are all experienced teachers in this field, and the books that you work with in these classes are the sources introduced by the organization of measurement and reliable and guaranteed sources. At the end of the session, you will be provided with the recorded video of the class, which you can use even after the end of the class and course. You can choose your teacher yourself on the site and in the first session, which is held for free, get to know his teaching style and decide to continue the class.

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