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The music revolves around harmony. Harmony along with rhythm and melody make up music. In order to understand music better, you need to understand harmony. Harmony is what makes a piece challenging and complex. If you are going to study music, you need to understand harmony. Although various books have been written in this field, we have more effective and dynamic ways to learn this branch of music, which we will explain more about later.

What is harmony?

Harmony in the word means unity and is used in situations where we want to say that the components of a unit are in harmony. In music, it means hearing the sounds at the same time. Harmony in music occurs when frequencies, pitches, timbres, notes, or chords are heard at the same time. The science of harmony dates back to the Renaissance and is not a new concept. Since then, this science has taken a complementary process and reached its current form. Harmony is usually analyzed based on chords. Different instruments in a piece play certain notes and all of them form a certain note. But the question is, why should we learn harmony? As a music arranger, you must know harmony. So that the output of the work is pleasant music. Harmony is a complex and heavy topic that you need special training to learn. If you want to arrange great and lasting music, you must know the general principles and rules of music well, and harmony as a coordinating element will have a great impact on the result of the work. But where can we get this training?

Harmony training

To learn harmony, you can attend face-to-face classes or online classes. For face-to-face classes, which are an older way of conducting training courses, you should look for a reputable educational institution or music academy near your place. The venue of these classes must be close to where you live, otherwise, the travel expenses or the time required for it will be added, which can be problematic for the continuation of the class. Unfortunately, the problem with face-to-face classes is that harmony classes are rare classes that may not be found in some small towns, and as a result, you may be denied training or have to travel long distances. You may also not be able to find the right professor because you don't have a wide selection. Participating in face-to-face classes requires an open schedule with a lot of free time, which many of us may not be able to attend. Also, most of them are held in public and if you want to participate in private classes, you will have to pay more. But there is a more effective way to teach this complex subject.

Harmony online training in Inavaz

To solve the problems mentioned above, you can participate in our online harmony classes at Inavaz Institute. The classes are all held online, which means that you don't need to travel and spend related costs to attend them. Also, all the classes are held privately and through Inavaz's exclusive platform, where you can interact with your teacher. At the end of the session, the recorded video of the class will be provided to you, which you can use to take notes and study after the class. The topics taught in this course are similar to the topics taught in face-to-face courses, and in these classes, you can get advanced level training in this field and have a better understanding of music composition. The fees of our classes are much more suitable than face-to-face classes due to the conditions of holding them, and you can choose your teacher from this site based on your resume. The first session is held as consultation and is free, where you can get to know the teaching style of the chosen professor and decide to continue the class.