Online Music theory Course

Student Say
 -  7/12/2021  -  Milad Jafarnezhad Student

Professor Jafarnjad's style of expression and mastery was excellent

 -  7/10/2021  -  Mehran Ghasemi Student

For those who are familiar with music theory and basic topics, I strongly recommend this class for those who want to start harmony. I think it can be much easier and more useful than the book.

Saeed Jalili
 -  7/9/2021  -  Milad Jafarnezhad Student

If you are familiar with music theory, Professor Jafarnjad's words can be very informative and useful

music theory

If we want to teach music science in one field, that field is music theory. Sometimes it's not about learning a musical instrument, but the music itself. Mastering the terms and methods of creating music are the topics that are studied in this field of study. If you also want to learn music, stay with us to get more information about it and see how you can study in this field.

What is music theory?

Music theory is a science in which they are taught about all the rules related to this field, from signs and getting to know the types of note sounds, to the interval, composition of measures, beat (rhythm), pitch, and musical curtains. People who study in this field are called music theorists. This field is a very old field that has existed for many years and has been completed over time until it has reached its current form.
Three elements play a fundamental role in music theory: melody, harmony, and rhythm
• Melody: A combination of consecutive notes that work together as a unit.
• Harmony: one or more songs placed on top of the melody.
• Rhythm: Beats to repeat the sequence based on the speed or tempo of the song
In music theory, you are completely immersed in these different parts. Music theory is one of the most important subjects in the music exam konkur and having background information about it can make a big difference in your score. Although there are many books on music theory, it is very difficult to learn them without an instructor due to the difficulty of the topics. Gaudentius, Aristides Quintilianus, Bacchus, etc. are among the most important music theorists in the world.

Teaching music theory

Like any other course, you can learn music theory in two general ways: face-to-face or online. Face-to-face classes are like school classrooms in which you are taught face-to-face by an instructor along with other students in the class. Of course, if you pay more, you can also get private tutoring. To participate in these classes, you must choose a suitable music institution that has experienced teachers in this field so that you can learn about the quality of the classes. The music school you choose for this should be close to where you live to save commuting time and related costs. Apart from this, you should choose a class that matches your free hours. Music theory classes are rare, and if you live in a small town, you may have a hard time finding a good class. Or the class you find does not have a suitable teacher and your hands are tied in better choices. But don't worry, this doesn't mean the end of your training, we have a better way for you.

Online teaching of music theory in Inavaz

At Inavaz Institute, we have the honor of bringing together the best music theory professors in Iran, so that you can get a good education under their supervision. Our classes are online, which means you don't need to travel anywhere to attend them and you can attend them from home or anywhere you want. Our classes are held live and privately on Inavaz's exclusive platform, where you can interact with your instructor and receive complete training. At the end of the session, the recorded video of the class will be provided to you, which you can use to take notes. The cost of our classes is much lower than face-to-face classes, in addition, the cost of commuting is also reduced, so they are generally more economical. It also saves time traveling to and from places, which can be very effective if you have a busy schedule. Inavaz music theory class is also very helpful for participating in the konkur exam and can increase your percentage to a great extent. The textbooks in these classes are the same as face-to-face classes and are based on the sources announced by the assessment organization. You can choose the professor you want through the site and based on your taste. The first meeting is held for free and has a counseling aspect where you can get to know your teacher's teaching style and decide to continue the class.