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Student Say
Maryam Naimi
 -  5/25/2022  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

If you have a talent for writing poetry and you want to make a great income from it, you must direct it in songwriting.

Mehdi Soleimani
 -  3/31/2022  -  Sharif Tavakoli Student

I always had a taste for poetry, but songwriting is really different, it requires rhythm.

Poetry and songwriting

Songwriting is one of the basic needs of the music industry. One of the main features that can affect the popularity of a song is its song content. Although it may seem easy, songwriting is much more difficult and of course more specialized than you think. Choosing the right words and creating rhythmic and lyrical rhymes is a very difficult task and you should be trained for it. If you are also interested in this field, stay with us to get to know an authentic and effective way of learning it.

What are poetry and songwriting?

Songwriting has similarities and differences with poetry. In both poems and songs, you use rhythmic and rhyming words, but the tone of the poems is formal and literary, and the tone of the song is more straightforward and more intimate and is even closer to the tone of the conversation. The important thing is that in order to write both, you need to master the words and know how to choose them correctly. A modern song or poem originates from the same style as a classical poem. songwriting can have different styles such as classical, jazz, etc., which differ in terms of expression, content, rhythm, and format. A person who sings a song is called a songwriter. In order for you to be able to write a song, you must do this in several steps:
1. First, choose the correct format for your song. (classical, jazz, rap, etc.)
2. Then selects the theme of the song. Your hand is open at this stage and you can choose any topic you want for your songwriting.
3. Then you need a map for your song to show you the direction you need to go. For example, determine what the song should start and end with.
4. Specify the verse and chorus of the song. Verses are the lines that are recited only once and choruses are those that are repeated. Specifying each of these parts can have a great impact on the catchiness of your song.
5. Write the beginning and end of the poem.
6. Choose the weight and rhyme correctly.
7. Consider the climax and conclusion of the song.
To go through these steps, you will first need training, practice, and gain experience.

Songwriting training

If you are looking for songwriting training, you can learn it in two ways: face-to-face and online classes. In the face-to-face model, like any other face-to-face training class, you must register at a music institution for this class. For this, you should consider several factors:
First of all, you should choose an institution that is close to where you live, otherwise, not only the travel expenses but also the time you spend on this work will increase.
2. The institution you choose should not only be close, but the quality of the training classes should also be high.
3. The class you choose must match your free time so that you can attend them.
The teacher's teaching experience is also important and you must be sure that the class you choose is effective in improving your skills. As you can see, these are limiting conditions that make your choice harder and harder and tie your hand in choosing freely. You may not even be able to find a class with a suitable location. You also have to add the cost of commuting to the class fee, which can be cost-effective. So we have another better choice for you and that is online classes. But what features should your online poetry and song class have?

Online teaching of poetry and songwriting in Inavaz

At Inavaz Institute, we hold poetry and song classes of the highest possible quality. The professors of poetry and song in our institution have gathered from all over Iran and you can place yourself under the supervision of the best professors in this field by pointing one click and registering in the classes. Our classes are held online on a private and live platform where you can interact with your instructor. Since you don't need to move anywhere, it saves both your money and your time. You can also get your training from anywhere you want. Our professors are all the same professors of face-to-face classes and have many years of teaching experience in this field, and the teaching methods are completely similar to face-to-face classes. The tuition fee for classes is much lower than for face-to-face classes. The selection of a professor is done according to your own taste and through the website. The first session is held as consultation and is free, where you can get to know your professor's teaching style.