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The instruments of the world have a very wide range; some are less known than others. However, they produce very clear and beautiful sounds that can be very interesting for any listener. One of these well-known but lesser-known instruments is the Cajon. Surely you have seen this instrument in many bands but did not notice it or even confused it with a chair!! However, some of you may also know this instrument and be a fan of it. In any case, stay with us to get more information about this vocal instrument.

Structural features of Cajon

The Cajon or box instrument is a percussion instrument from Peru that dates back to the 1800s. One of the first notable points about the structure of this instrument is that you have to sit on it to play! And its beautiful sound is created by tapping on the front panel (or tapa plate) and the side plates of the instrument. This instrument is actually a rectangular box made of wood. While the side and back and front plates of the box can be 0.5 to 0.75 inches thick, the top board on which the musician sits is made of plywood. There is a hole in the back of the instrument (or sometimes in the left and right walls of the instrument) where the sound exits. In some types of Cajon, the instrument is tuned by loosening and tightening the tension of the strings. This instrument is used in flamenco and jazz style. Some of the most important Cajon players in the world are Mario Cortes, Mike Meadows, Nina Rodriguez, and Stephen Moss.

Cajon training

If you are interested in learning the Cajon instrument, you can do so through face-to-face or online classes. For a long time, face-to-face classes have been the only form of instrument training classes that had some problems. The first issue is finding the right school for this instrument. In many small towns, Cajon instrument classes are not held because the instrument is less well known. This limits your hand in choosing a master's even in larger cities, and you may have to choose the only option available. The distance of the class from the place of residence is also important because it affects the cost of transportation and the time you spend. Attendance time in these classes is less flexible, and employees and students may find it difficult to attend. In addition, the lessons taught in these classes can be very forgettable. Therefore, we offer you a more practical option for learning Cajon.

Cajon online training in Inavaz

The Inavaz Group, as one of the largest online training collections of various instruments, holds Cajon classes under the supervision of the best and most experienced professors. You can attend these classes from any city and from home or anywhere you want via a computer. The sessions are held privately on Inavaz's dedicated platform. Because the classes are live, you can interact and talk with the instructor. At the end of the class, you will be given a recorded video that you can use to practice until the next session. Because you do not need to move to attend the class, you save on transportation costs, and thus the overall cost of the class is reduced. In addition, compared to face-to-face classes, the cost of attending these classes is lower. It also saves you time. The selection of the teacher is done according to your taste and through the site. Depending on the cost of the class, teaching experience, and class time, you can choose between them. The first session is also free and counseling, which can give you a lot of information about how the teacher teaches and decide to continue the class. The books and teaching methods in the Cajon online training classes are similar to face-to-face ones, and you can learn from beginner to advanced levels.

Buying the right instrument

The Cajon is a lesser-known instrument and you may have difficulty buying the right option. In the first session of Inavaz's free consultation, you will be given enough information about the features of a suitable instrument so that you will not be harmed. The price of Cajon can vary depending on the body material and brand of the manufacturer. The most important Cajon instrument brands are Allandalos, Sella, Mainle, and Steg.

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