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نظرات هنرجویان
  • ابوذر عباسی  -  1400/05/09  -  هنرجوی استاد سعید محمدی

    سلام استاد محمدی.استاد چرا کلاسای شما نباید در شیراز باشه

  • صدرا  -  1400/04/10  -  هنرجوی استاد سعید محمدی

    استاد بینظیر هنر و اخلاق

  • زینب ساغر  -  1400/03/22  -  هنرجوی استاد زهیر شکی

    حدودا دوسه سال میشد که تار خریده بودم، اما به دلیل کمبود امکانات آموزشی که براى سازهاى ایرانی در خارج از کشور وجود دارد، امکان یادگیری اصولی تار زدن را نداشتم. برای من که ابتدای راه بودم و چیز زیادی از موسیقی و ساز تار نمیدونستم یادگرفتن این ساز بدون استاد بسیار سخت بود. حدودا یک سال است که با سایت آی نواز شروع به یادگیری ساز تار کردم و از استادم و نحوه برگزاری کلاسها بسیار راضی هستم

  • سینا صفرخانی  -  1400/02/30  -  هنرجوی استاد سعید محمدی

    از بهترین های روزگار هستن ، انقدر پیگیر هنرجوهاشون هستن که من اصلا باورم نمیشد

  • Tar training, one of the oldest Iranian instruments in a completely professional way


    Step-by-step instruction of Tar

    If you are interested in Iranian traditional music and you are looking to learn instruments of this style, the Tar instrument is one of the best options to choose. The extraordinary sound of this instrument is one of the inseparable parts of Iranian traditional music. This instrument also has a very long history and the good news for those who are interested in it is that it is also easy to learn. If you are planning to attend a Tar training class, stay tuned.

    Features of Tar instrument

    The Tar is a percussion instrument that is played in many other Middle Eastern countries. The Tar, like other instruments in this group, consists of three main parts: strings, resonant box and handle, and its shape has changed over the years. While in the past the number of strings was five, Gholam Hossein Darvish or Darvish Khan added another string to it, which is still used in the same way as six strings. The shape of the resonant box is also a special shape and is similar to a pear or number 8. The body of the instrument is made of old mulberry wood, and the older the wood, the better the sound of the instrument. Structurally, the Tar instrument is very close to the Setar, but their playing style is different. There is a stretched skin on the instrument, which has a great effect on the sound and increases its clarity. Among the famous Iranian Tar players, we can mention Agha Ali Akbar Khan Farahani, Mirza Abdullah, Agha Hosseinghli, Darvish Khan, Akbar Khan Norouzi, etc.

    Select the best Tar class

    The Tar classes is held both in-person and online. In face-to-face classes, you should find a suitable school near your home that has a Tar course and you should trust the experience and background of its teacher. In addition, you need to consider the distance from the classroom to your home as it affects the time and cost of travel. Then you need to see if your class time matches your free time. In some cases, not all of these issues are going well. For example, the school may be too far away, the teacher may not have a good resume, the class time may not match with your free time, and so on, and you may have to look for another option, and this process can be very long and eventually It will not end well. In contrast, there are online training classes that allow you to attend from any city. Online classes allow you to be under the supervision of the best instructors, and since the training courses in this course are no different from the in-person classes, you can become a professional Tar player. But among the online training classes, you should also look for a suitable option for yourself, which we will explain more about in the following.

    Online training of Tar in Inavaz

    We are one of the best online music training platforms in the country, which provides you with the possibility of teaching Tar and all instruments online and from home. If you are going to learn Tar; We have gathered a group of the best instructors of this instrument that you can find out about the resume and cost of attending their classes on the site and you have the chance to choose your own teacher. In the first session, which is held for free, you can get acquainted with your teacher's teaching style, and if you decide it is right for you, you can enroll in it. Tar training in our online classes is exactly the same as in-person classes. You will interact with your master on the Inavaz platform, which is live. And at the end of each session, you will be given a class video that you can use during practice. Our training courses are the same as the in-person classes. You also have the chance to learn from beginner to advanced level in these classes at home without any movement. The tariff for our classes is very appropriate and varies according to the teaching experience of the teacher.

    Buying a Tar

    Part of the music training is influenced by choosing an appropriate instrument. If you do not choose the right one, it will have a negative impact on your learning. There are different brands of Tar that have different prices depending on the body material and the manufacturer. Among the best Tar manufacturers, we can mention Iran Saz, Khosrow Karami, Erfan, Mir Emad, etc. In the first session, our teacher will guide you in buying the right instrument that is both good to start with and reasonably priced.


    Persian Tar instrument is a very complete instrument with a wide range of sounds. This instrument has beautiful and impressive charms, and of course, its enclosing and sad sound are one of its unique features. The Persian Tar is an old instrument in percussion instrument group, which, like all of them, has undergone some changes. Tar instrument origins in the Sasanian period and since then, it still plays an important role in Iranian music.

    Tar training

    Step-by-step Tar training is not difficult, but it requires a lot of practice and perseverance. Learning how to play Tar depends on the amount of student practice and how much training she/he gets, but in general, the exercises should be done continuously and daily. At inavaz, we have provided you with the best Persian Tar teachers, so that you can choose your teacher by looking at their resumes. In the discussion of Tar playing, several factors are directly involved, including your Tar teacher experience, the method of teaching, and the student's practice and perseverance. At inavaz, we provide basic to advanced training for various levels of students. You will experience the best Tar classes with us. The list of Iranian Tar masters is displayed at the top of the page. Today, due to a busy schedule or living in a city with no access to qualified teachers; people are more inclined to participate in the online Tar class.

    Persian Tar online class

    If you are one of those people who have always dreamed of playing Tar, but due to your busy schedule, you did not have the opportunity to achieve this dream, now you can learn this beautiful instrument by participating in the online classes. Persian Tar online tutorials allow you to coordinate your time and attend classes in your spare time. Virtual training provides the opportunity for you to train by the best teachers. At inavaz Group, we have provided conditions that make it easier for students to gain experience and education than face-to-face classes. After the class, you will be able to download its file so that you can watch it as many times as you want.

    Tar class price

    The tuition for the Persian Tar lesson online in inavaz is placed at the top of the page. You can see the price of tar classes by referring to this part. Note that attending Tar online tutorials is more cost-effective for the student and reduces your commuting costs.

    Tar instrument price

    The Tar instrument, like other instruments, is produced by different manufacturers. There are many workshops in the country for that such as: • Tar Mehr Yahya • Tar Mehr Hatami • Tar Mehr Siavshani • Tar Mehr Kavousi • Tar Mehr Jafari • Tar Mehr Hemmati If you are looking for Persian Tar for sale, you can buy it almost from all the instrument stores. Besides, there are so many sites where you can find Tar instruments for sale. According to the type of manufacturer and the quality of the instrument and the material of the wood and wires, the price of Tar varies.