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Shayan from Portugal
 -   -  Kourosh Imani Student

I was very interested in the clarinet instrument, but the cost and distance made me unable to reach my interest, but the online training made me start learning the clarinet. I am grateful to my good teacher and I am also grateful to Nawaz.

Clarinet, the latest instrument added to the world symphony orchestra

One of the most attractive wind instruments in the world is the clarinet. This instrument is one of the most widely used wind instruments in the world, which can be used to play a variety of happy and sad pieces and it is used in various categories such as symphony orchestra, classical pieces, jazz, and even military music. This instrument was made by a German by adding pieces to Chalumeau and was soon introduced and popular all over the world. If you are interested in learning this good-sounding and international instrument, stay tuned.

Features of clarinet instrument

The clarinet is a wood and wind instrument that is typically made of African blackwood, but today artificial syntheses are also on the market. The instrument consists of a long tube in which the sound output is designed slightly like the edges of a horn. The special shape of the instrument's cylindrical conduit makes it's sound a combination of Chalumeau, Clarion, and Altissimo instruments. In general, the clarinet consists of five parts: the beak and tongue opening, the hollow bar, the prominent piece of pipe, the upper and lower keys, and the bell piece. The different parts of the clarinet are completely separated. The number of holes and keys of this instrument is much more than similar instruments such as reeds. Hence, the range of sound production is much wider. The clarinet is divided into different categories based on the form of sound production, the most important of which are the horn (small clarinet), bass clarinet, bass horn, and so on. Benny Goodman, Sabina Meyer, Sharon Com, Giora Friedman, Vassilis Salinas, Sydney Beckett, Woody Allen, and Woody Herman are just some of the world's most famous clarinetists.

The best way to teach clarinet

There are two general ways to learn the clarinet, like other instruments: face-to-face classes and online classes. Face-to-face classes are the basic style of music classes. To attend these classes, you need to find a suitable educational institution with experienced professors near your place of residence. The truth is that there are very few clarinet masters, so you may have trouble finding them, especially if you live in a small town. The next problem with face-to-face classes is the issue of commuting to the classroom, which requires payment and time. This cost is added to the cost of the classes themselves. However, online classes do not have any of these problems. In the first place, you can participate in them from any city, and this allows you to reach the most professional professors even from the farthest and smallest cities. You also do not need to move. This saves time and money. The important thing is that you should be able to choose the right class for this.

Online clarinet training in Inavaz

In the Inavaz group, we have gathered the best clarinet teachers so that you can safely and under their supervision learn from beginner level to the profession of this instrument. By registering in our classes, you will get a special platform for Inavaz, where you can learn live and privately. In class, you will interact fully with your teacher and learn like a face-to-face class. At the end of the class, the recorded video of the meeting will be provided to you. One of the advantages of attending our online clarinet classes is that the lessons taught by them and their instructors are exactly the same as face-to-face classes, except that you do not need to travel, spend time and money, and you can even attend them when you are in travel. Another advantage of our classes is that you have the power to choose a teacher who fits your needs in terms of class time and price. The first session will be held for free and advice for you to get acquainted with the educational level of the teacher. You can read about the background and cost of attending each teacher's class on this page.

Buying the right instrument

Buying the right clarinet has a huge impact on the sound and quality of learning. Depending on the instrument and the brand of the manufacturer, the price of the instrument can vary, and you may not be able to choose the right instrument to begin with due to unfamiliarity. Therefore, in the first session of the free consultation, you can get the necessary information about buying the right instrument from your teacher. The most famous clarinet brands are Crampon, Selmer, and Yamaha.