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Student Say
شیوا ساداتی  -  1401/03/07  -  Erfan Hosseini Student

استاد حسینی یه استاد خوش ذوق، با حوصله و صبور و البته با اطلاعات هستند. جلسات کلاس خیلی مفیدن و من از پیشرفتم واقعا راضیم اصلا انتظار نداشتم انقدر زود به ساز مسلط شم و این اتفاق رو مدیون آموزش عالیه استاد حسینی می دونم. ازشون واقعااااا ممنونم

 -  1401/01/15  -  Erfan Hosseini Student

استاد حسینی عزیز. ازتون ممنونم که انقدر صبورانه و با حوصله به پسرم آموزش دادید. عاشق سازش شده مدام توی خونه داره تمرین میکنه و واقعاً منتظره کلاسشه. خوشحالم از این که این دوره رو انتخاب کردم.

سودابه  -  1400/10/19  -  Ali Malekmahmoudi Student

علاقمند به یادگیری کمانچه هستم و ساکن کانادا در صورت لزوم با شماره واتس اپ 6475305667 تماس حاصل فرمایید

سودابه  -  1400/10/19  -  Mehdi Habibi Student

با درود ، سودابه ساکن کانادا هستم ، علاقمند به یادگیری کمانچه هستم ، در صورت امکان با شماره واتس اپ 6475305667 تماس حاصل فرمایید/ ممنون

مصطفی سلجوقى  -  1400/09/10  -  Alireza Ameri Student

سلام استاد عامری بندر عباس هستند

حسین هوشمند  -  1400/08/29  -  Alireza Ameri Student

سلام ووقت بخیر نام کتاب آموزشی رو میخاستم بدونم

آیلین دهمرده  -  1400/02/13  -  Alireza Ameri Student

دقت تدریس استاد عامری و کیفیت پلتفرم و اینکه میتونیم کلاسها رو رکورد کنیم و داشته باشیم و چندین بار باهاشون تمرین کنیم ، نقاط مثبت کلاسهای آنلاین آی نواز هست

Simple, Lori and Alto Kamancheh training


How to become a professional Kamancheh player?


Learn the traditional Kamancheh instrument

Iranian traditional music has a wide world of instruments in its heart. One of these good-sounding and original instruments is the Kamancheh. An instrument that has been in Iranian music for a long time and has many fans in Iran and around the world. If you're reading this, you're obviously interested in its beautiful sound. So stay tuned to learn more about the features of this instrument and get acquainted with the best Kamancheh training class.

Features of Kamancheh

The Kamancheh is a stringed instrument played with a bow. Like many other stringed instruments, this instrument consists of three main parts: the handle, the resonant bowl, and the strings. But what makes it different from other stringed instruments is the base that is on the bottom of the resonant bowl, which sits on the floor while playing. The Kamancheh handle is about 25 cm, which compared to other stringed instruments is not very tall. The resonant bowl is made of several pieces. In some types of Kamancheh, the resonant bowl has an open back, which is called Lori or Tal Kamancheh. Lori Kamancheh's training is different. The Kamancheh has 4 strings. One type of Kamancheh is the Alto. But what is an Alto Kamancheh? Alto Kamancheh is a model of a simple Kamancheh, with the difference that the arrangement of the tunes is tuned differently. Apart from that, the length of this instrument is also longer and it has a softer bass sound and the fingering distances in it are bigger. Among the most famous Persian Kamancheh players, we can mention Kayhan Kalhor, Hassan Salem, Ardeshir Kamkar, Ali Akbar Shekarchi, Mehdi Azar Sina, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Sohrab Pournazeri, and others. The kamancheh sound is very pleasant. You can play a wide range of sad and happy Kamancheh songs with this instrument. Lori Kamancheh is the same. A variety of sad Lori Kamancheh music and happy Lori Kamancheh songs can be learned and played. The important thing is to choose the right Kamancheh training class.

Participate in Kamancheh class

If you are interested in learning Kamancheh you should enroll in its class. You may need to search a little further to find a good Kamancheh training class, and you may even have to go far away from home or even travel to another city. Class hours are at your disposal only to some extent. In addition, you should have time to commute to class, and of course, it requires a fee that you must add to the cost of the class. The important thing is that you should fully concentrate in class, because if you forget something, you may have trouble practicing at home. Despite these difficulties, is this the easiest way to learn Kamancheh?

Learn Kamancheh easier with online classes

Online classes offer you a different kind of experience. They have solved the problems of attending face-to-face classes, and you no longer have to search for a Kamancheh training class only in your city, and you can attend these classes from anywhere. Because you do not have to relocate, you save not only on class costs but also on your time. In addition, it is possible to learn both beginner and advanced Kamancheh in online classes, and the kamancheh lessons in these two classes are no different. In these classes, you can still communicate with the teacher and he will supervise the way you play.

Online Kamancheh training in Inavaz

At Inavaz, we offer the highest quality Kamancheh training classes to students. In these classes, Kamancheh training from beginner to advanced is possible for those who are interested. Our training classes are held live and you can communicate with your teacher and play the instrument for him like a face-to-face class. At the end of the session, you will be given a video that you can watch and rehearse over and over again. The cost of attending our classes is not only very reasonable, but you do not have to pay for transportation and you can receive training at home. You can apply through the site to find out the cost and select professors. In the first session of Kamancheh training, you can get more acquainted with your teacher's training method and get advice from him on buying the right instrument.

Buying Kamancheh

Buying a suitable instrument has its own principles and conditions, and you need the expert opinion of professors in this field. We will provide you with this information in the first session. Kamancheh has different brands. Dehkordi, Maleki, Amir Ataei, Samer Habibi, Nariman, and Kayhan brands are very suitable options for when you want to buy professional Kamancheh. kamancheh's price is different depending on the brand and its material. If you have a small budget, buying a second-hand Kamancheh is also one of the options. You can find them in online sites which has Persian kamancheh for sale. The price of the Alto Kamancheh is different from that of a simple Kamancheh. One of the best brands of Alto Kamancheh is Alto Mohammadi Kamancheh.