Online Kanun Course

Student Say
Shima Makhdoom
 -  5/25/2022  -  Sahar Yousef Student

I had previously attended a face-to-face course at a school near us, but the teacher was awful.

Reyhana Mohammadi
 -  4/8/2022  -  Sahar Yousef Student

Sahar, thank you very much.

Qanun instrument, the introduction of one of the oldest instruments in the world

Qanun is one of the lesser-known instruments that has been welcomed by more people in recent years. Although the inventor of this instrument remains in a state of ambiguity and some attribute it to Greece, some to Iran, and some to the Ottoman Turks, what is clear is that this instrument is one of the most beloved instruments in the world. If you want to get acquainted with the best training classes of this instrument, stay tuned.

Qanun features

The Qanun instrument is a percussion string instrument. Its structure is a bit like a Santoor, except that its trapezoidal shape is different. This instrument consists of a resonant bowl and strings. The body or resonant bowl is made of wood and is divided into different parts. When sitting in front of the instrument, to the right of it is a rectangular part called the Kharak on which the skin is stretched. To the left is a sharper tip called a coccyx, which ends at the nose and has instrument tuners on it. The number of threads is 24 groups of three that are made of nylon or fleece (the number of threads varies in the Qanun of different countries). This instrument is played by the fingers. The plectrums of the Qanun are similar to fingertips and are made of animal horns and are inserted into the two index fingers and are placed in the second paragraph. Among the most famous Iranian Qanun players are Simin and Mahdiar Aghajani, Parichehr Khajeh, Rahim Qanuni, Faramarz Rezapour, Maliheh Saeedi, Ali Akbar Sedif, Farhad Besharti, and Jalal Qanuni.

Qanun training

If you are interested in Qanun, you should know that you have chosen a complex instrument. You can attend face-to-face and online classes to learn the Qanun. Face-to-face classes are older than online classes, but they no longer seem to fit into today's lifestyle. To attend these classes, you have to find a school in your area and this is the first problem of these classes. Qanun classes are extremely scarce, and you may not be able to find them in person near your place of residence, especially if you live in a small town. The next issue is commuting, which requires money and time. This may not be possible in today's busy lives. Apart from this, you do not have the right to choose your teacher and class hours are rarely flexible. So attending online classes seems to be a better choice. They have many advantages over face-to-face classes, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Online Qanun training class in Inavaz

We at Inavaz Group hold the best Qanun training classes. Apart from bringing together the best masters of this instrument from all over Iran, you can participate in them from any city and learn from beginner to advanced level. These classes are held on the platform of Inavaz and are completely private. Most importantly, our classes are not recorded films and are held live, which creates exactly the same conditions as face-to-face classes without the need for relocation. Finally, you will be given a video of the classes, which will serve as a valuable educational package for you. Our Qanun classes are very affordable and you do not have to worry about travel expenses. You also do not need to make time for it. The courses and teachers of these two classes were exactly the same and you will not miss them. You also have the chance to choose your own teacher. After choosing, a free session will be held for you, in which you will get acquainted with the method of teaching your teacher and you can decide to continue the class.

Buying the right instrument

The Qanun instrument is a rare instrument and can be difficult for beginners to buy. The price of this instrument can be different depending on the quality of construction, body material, and manufacturer. If you have any questions about buying the Qanun, you can ask your teacher in our free consultation. Among the most important brands, we can mention Manteghi and Jalil Haddad.