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A brief introduction with harmonica instrument
A harmonica, often called a mouthy instrument (in Persian), is a small wind instrument with pipe plates inside a metal or plastic frame. This instrument is played by blowing air in or pulling air out of the holes; As you move it to another side to create different sound notes. This instrument quickly entered to various genres of music around the world in the early 19th century in Europe; From blues and folk to rock and country.
Carrying the instrument easily and the versatility of it make the harmonica a popular instrument for both professional musicians and amateurs interested ones.

Features of harmonica
The harmonica has 48 chords: major, seventh, minor, augmented and diminished for choirs playing. It is arranged in groups of four notes, each one sounds a different chord when you’re inhaling or exhaling. Typically, each hole has two pipes for each note, each one is tuned on the same octave. However, cheaper models often have only one pipe per note.
 A few orchestral harmonicas are also designed for bass and chords. Also they are placed beside the categorized chords, with the bass notes next to the chord groupings. here are other chord harmonicas; Like the Chordomonica (which works like a chromatic harmonica).

Best brand of harmonica
Discovering the best brand of harmonica can be based on what you think or what suits your taste. Because it often depends on personal preferences, playing style and the budget. However, several brands have gained widespread acclaim for their quality in structure, durability, and better sound. In the meantime, Hohner is one of the most famous and reliable names in the world of harmonica.
One of Hohner's most iconic harmonicas is Marine band, which has been a favorite of musicians since its introduction in the late 19th century. Marine band has been known for its warm and rich tone of voice, also the classic design. Marine band has been acted in countless recordings in a variety of musical genres, particularly blues and folk music.
Besides to Marine band, Hohner offers a wide variety of harmonicas to suit different playing styles and preferences; For example, the Special 20 is known for its airy construction, smoothie and simple playability. These things made it a popular choice for both beginners and experienced players. Harmonica is a timeless instrument that has been noted for its simple transporting it and soothe sound. Its price can also be various according to different factors such as brand, quality and other features.

Price of a harmonica
For beginners or those who are looking for a basic model, a harmonica can be found at a reasonable price that presents decent sound quality and durability for usual playing. Mid-range options often present better construction, finer tuning, and better playability; In this case, it is suitable for average musicians who are looking to improve their skills.
The price of this instrument for professional musicians can be up to 50 million Tomans or even more (about 1000$). These instruments have fine materials and exquisite sound features that response to the demands of experienced musicians and the interested ones, those who prioritize the quality of sound and durability. Actually it means the price of the harmonica depends on the material used in its construction.
The difference between diatonic and chromatic
Diatonic and chromatic harmonicas are two popular types of harmonica, but they have different musical purposes and distinct features.

Diatonic harmonica
-The most common type of harmonica is diatonic, especially in blues, folk and country music.
-Its basic design has 10 holes and it’s tuned to a specific key such as C, G or A.
-Each hole creates two different notes: one when you’re inhaling (pulling the air) and another when you’re exhaling (blowing the air).
-Diatonic harmonicas are designed to be played in one key, and this makes them suitable for melodies and simple chord progressions in that key.
-It is often used to play melodies, blues riffs and folk songs.

Chromatic harmonica
-Chromatic harmonica is more various and is commonly used in jazz, classic and pop music.
-It has a button-activated slide mechanism feature that allows the player to access all 12 notes of the chromatic scale.
-Chromatic harmonicas usually have 12, 14 or 16 holes and are usually larger than diatonic harmonicas.
-Players can play any note, including sharps(soprano?) and flats(contralto?), without having to bend notes or change harmonics.
-They are suitable for playing complex melodies, jazz improvisation and classic music due to the ability to play in any key.
In a brief case, diatonic harmonicas are great for playing in specific keys and are often used for traditional and blues music, but chromatic harmonicas present more versatility and flexibility for playing a wide range of musical styles and keys.

Practical and academic learning
With harmonica training, you can learn this wonderful instrument professionally. Harmonica learning helps you become a master in this instrument with basic principles and step-by-step exercises. These two topics are linked together to help you express your music through the harmonica with joy and emotion.
Online harmonica class or online harmonica training includes various exercises and techniques that will help you get to know these instruments completely and acquire the necessary skills to play them. Also, by learning the basic principles and the guidance of our teachers, you can easily improve your stage from beginner to advanced level in this art.
Harmonica training from a to z allows you to learn all aspects of playing this instrument, from beginner to advanced. This training includes learning, knowing different techniques, knowing different models and settings of the instrument, as well as performing different pieces of music at different levels. With this kind of training, you can learn everything you need for playing harmonica from the beginning to the end and achieve your musical purpose.

Training for Iranian abroad
Harmonica training for Iranians abroad is a unique opportunity for people who left their country due to travel or immigration. Also, this training is useful for anyone who is interested in learning this fascinating instrument. Through online classes and various resources, this training allows people to play harmonica remotely from anywhere, know and learn this instrument well.
This training is easy to understand due to presenting harmonica resources and exercises for people who knows the Persian language well enough. Therefore, Iranians who live abroad can easily learn the basics and techniques of playing harmonica and enjoy this fascinating instrument. In general, harmonica training is a great opportunity for Iranians abroad to learn and experience new things so these people can be active in the world of music culture and communicate with this fascinating instrument.

Harmonica training at Inavaz
Online harmonica training has solved all the problems of face-to-face classes. First of all, you don't need to be physically present so you can learn from anywhere with a computer (or another electric device which can connect to internet) and high-speed internet. Since you don't need to move anywhere, your time and money will be saved, as a result, the cost of the class will be reduced. Also, there’s no such limit for you to pick your class in the city or suburb. This means you can be under the supervision of the best teachers even from the smallest cities.
At Inavaz Institute, we hold the best harmonica training classes for you. In our classes, a group of the best harmonica teachers teach this instrument with a flexible schedule. All our classes are held online and privately on Inavaz’es exclusive platform. Because the class is live, you can interact with your teacher.
At the end of the class, you can have the recorded video of that session, which you can practice with it until the next session. There is no different between our online classes and face-to-face classes in terms of courses and teachers so you can learn from beginner to advanced level in them.
The first session is held free and has a counseling aspect. In this session, you will know about the teaching method of the chosen teacher and get advice from him/her about buying an instrument. You can also decide to continue the training depending on the quality of the session. Picking the teacher based on student’s interests and taste is done through this site. You can also get to know the price of the class and the teaching records of teacher (cv) through the site and choose the one yourself.

Class fee
The harmonica class fee is set at a reasonable price to let everyone be interested in learning harmonica and have the opportunity to access this course. Step-by-step harmonica class is a great opportunity for those who are beginning to learn harmonica and want to gradually master this instrument.

Harmonica class for children
Harmonica class for children is a wonderful opportunity for growth, artistic development and transmission of musical skills to the younger generation. These classes introduce children to the wonderful world of harmonica and allow them to improve in this art in their own way, using attractive educational methods which are suited with growth and development of children.
Besides learning the techniques and skills of playing the harmonica, these classes let children use their creativity and musical abilities this will make them to have more freedom in expressing their feelings through music. In addition, harmonica class for children can be a great opportunity to build social relationships with other people in their ages and empower their self-confidence and concentration.

Final words
Harmonica is popular and accessible instrument so this makes it possible for everyone to learn music. Through various educational resources and online classes, you can easily learn playing harmonica skills and enjoy this beautiful instrument. We hope this article has helped you choose the best way to start learning harmonica and lead you into the world of music.

At the beginning of the trainings, Diatonic harmonica is more suitable.

Yes. They are the same instrument.

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